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And that's why you see, you know, an out dukes in the game, and you go, hey, you can go to Duke, and I'm gonna I'm not gonna try to squash. You I know you're only here for six months now, that's a really powerful recruiting catch. Plus, you got Nike behind you. You know, to whatever level, you know, take your guests. But it all works also wanted to coach team USA and looked around at that room full of guys that he would not have recruited and looked at himself. What am I doing right? There's a whole bunch of dudes that wouldn't that? He probably would not have spent the time recruiting to come to do because they wouldn't have stayed at the time period that he wanted as his program. I wouldn't say it was struggling because that would be unfair. But it was a downtime. In two thousand eight for do you looked around it? Then it was like the dumbest thing I've ever done. Let's get good guys. Yeah. Right. Like, you know, the Brandon gonna college. Hey, pretty good any help with. Yeah. These guys aren't so bad nothing. Nothing bad about incredible. You know? And so yeah it. And I think he was playing teams and losing. I mean at some point. You know, you gotta have you. It's basketball. It's not you can out scheme people in other sports. But there's five guys in the court. And you watch the NBA best player at the end of the night wins the game for the most part. That's how every game gets played. So you sit there and go all right there in it. But you know, guess he's get Steph gonna Steph Katie is gonna shot no one can defend and they and going Safeco win. And so if you have those guys you don't and yet these kids are, you know, they're not bad people because they want to go to the NBA. It's not a bad thing. There's nothing wrong with it and their families want him to go the NBA that Calipari was the was the smartest at that. And certainly goes back. You know, I mean tar and some of these other guys really always sought and saw like this guy doesn't want to go to college. Like, their dream is the NBA, and I'm not gonna necessarily gonna try to you know. Hey, take some classes and stuff. I'm going gonna sit here. Just talk about all this stuff. Like, I will get you to the NBA, and I will get you there. And that's it. I will not stand in your way. I'll do everything I can to get you there and everyone else is coming in still selling this whole kind. Well, we'll get you this dude, I want out at fast, I possibly can and embracing that and being honest about it. And I think the fans are now on it's about like, they're fine with it Kentucky. I mean, if you're Kentucky basketball fan, I always laugh like you just get a new team every year like this whole era, and they love it because the good it's like next guy. And then there was like man, I love that player. Like, he was there like five months, but you know, they. Felt that love. Anyway, even though they know Anthony Davis isn't sticking around. Like, what do you do it? Also, the math on this change in the money change like in the nineteen seventies early eighties. You probably need to go ahead and get that degree, right? Because the money you're gonna make NBA is not really them of. We're talking about a whole nother world now. Yeah. I think it was during the the bad boys thirty thirty. If you ever saw his great thirty for thirty. Rick Mahorn Mahorn Bill Laimbeer Bill beer grew up in. California's dad was like a financial planner and he's like my rookie year. My dad made more than me. Like until abroad, James junior. Brawny makes the league that ain't happening. Right. This is not. There's no way. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You made good money. But you need that degree. Now, you make so much money, and you go back and get the degree. You know? It's not it's colleges is whatever. So. Yeah. I think everything's changed except the rule book. Also find that these guys even the ones that don't think college very long, especially basketball players. They tend to turn out like remarkably cultured part of it. I guess is because they they're on the circuit..

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