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Way back to Glen oaks unusually bad you might want to try the southbound Hollywood meanwhile in Glendale is about one thirty four Pacific a wreck at the right side thing gonna be sunny but cooler today highs in the low to mid seventies along the coast low eighties downtown mid eighties to low nineties in the valleys should be even cooler support for NPR comes from NPR stations and from the Kauffman foundation working together with communities in education and entrepreneurship decree uncommon solutions and empower people to shape their lives and be more successful more online at Kaufman down to work and from the Doris Duke charitable foundation which provides unrestricted support to individual artists in jazz dance and theater through the Doris Duke artist awards it's a forty five on case yard it's morning edition from NPR news I'm Steve Inskeep and I'm no well king federal prosecutors announced yesterday that they will not charge the New York City police officer who is accused of killing Eric garner an unarmed black man during a misdemeanor arrest that incident happened five years ago today garner's death and the fact that that officer still remains on the force has added fuel to a movement against police misconduct W. N. Y. C.'s Yasmin Khan has the story after prosecutors announced their decision Eric garner's mother when Kerr reacted with anger this is not going down like this because it was one of them wants it with the devil went this fall Kerr became an activist because her son died brother activist it's about human dignity survival here's an apology is old who's nineteen.

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