WWE, Ryan Ross, Viral Meningitis discussed on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast - Bonus SOW - AJ STYLES & KURT ANGLE REPLACE ROMAN & BRAY AT TLC


Walk from a raw show to a smack down show not infect anybody except wwe superstar his sevento10 days ryan ross says seven to ten days is when viral meningitis uh we'll get out of your system which is interesting because yeah i mean i guess people started talking about this on monday they said that's why bo dallas wasn't on raw you know and that's why bray why it wasn't on raw so maybe just terrible terrible timing and they'll be backed by raw or maybe maybe next week's raw but i can't believe we going to see this payperview again wwe all wwe has officially announced viral meningitis has is rumored innuendo at this point i would still classified as although it's pretty reliable because that's what everybody's reporting on but the reality of what's going on is the wwe has said both roman reigns and bray why it will not beyond tlc this weekend because of medical issues roman reigns in his match is being replaced by kurt angle and bray why being replaced by aj styles it's just amazing joseph a delo street toes as kurt angle versus br daniel bryant russell mania i can't tell you i can't tell you how much i would love it but i don't see it happening honestly dina brian ever being back in a wwe ring rhinelander just got an how long tiller holdings posted on itunes as soon as i'm done here allah i'll i'll get the audio up on i tunes esi scoops is reporting that its mumps maybe it's mumps who the kissing disease maybe it's mumps i don't know.

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