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Again and again No Way maybe it's occasional constipation maybe it's not you could have a chronic condition called irritable bowel syndrome with constipation or IBS C. winds S. or linaclotide is a prescription that treats I. B. S. C. in adults winds S. works differently than laxatives to help relieve belly pain and let you have more frequent and complete bowel movements individual results may vary do not give to children less than six and it should not be given to children six to less than eighteen it may harm them do not take Lynn's S. if you have about blockage get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pains especially with bloody or black stools the most common side effect is diarrhea sometimes severe if it's severe stop taking one's **** and call your doctor right away other side effects include gas stomach area pain and swelling maybe it's not occasional constipation learn more at Lynn's S. dot com or call one eight hundred L. A. N. C. E. S. S. you may be able to talk to a doctor online visit Lynn's S. dot com sponsored by Allergan and ironwood winter ball show we shouldn't dismiss classes people white shouldn't dismiss black people people who are black shouldn't dismiss white people just get to know as many persons and individuals as you can get to know people who disagree with I'm gonna disagree with you on stuff that we agree on way more stuff than we disagree stay connected red winter ball Monday afternoon three to six that would be your emergency situation station.

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