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Stop with that Get us for more from moments when he's throwing the ball 40 times, you wouldn't even really get depo involved Throwing the ball Toem anyways, a very frustrating game. Yeah, guess how about that That sequence That will go down and Lord, What was it? It was late in the game. The on the goal line, False start, dude and then called fella And then And then the next play was the pick. Yeah, boy. First was Coleman. Wait. So first, Coleman got blown up. Won't he got the ball and he was tackled crazy. Then I don't even know how that false start happening because he didn't have possession. He he started moving forward before he had the ball. You can't do that. Until you fall started. I can't start going ahead and tell the ball is snapped. Yes. Thing I've ever seen that I haven't either. I've never seen a quarterback Paul starting back before five yards, and then in the next play pick, then explain. He's scrambling. Scrambling. He couldn't he could've run for like a few. I think. Instead, he throws it to the heavily covered, I forget which receiver it was and the guy and who was the receiver? The DBS Just letting it was Jeff Wilson Jr. He was throwing two at that sequence. I was like, Oh, I am And you know, that was ugly stuff, by the way, and that was only that was like the third quarter time when they couldn't get into the answer. Why don't it this time because it was the first one. So that's why I'm saying there are plenty more. That's what I mean way. Get the one with the morning, Wilson twice and he couldn't get it in, and I didn't hate giving it to Wilson. I didn't either I was. I'm just thinking you gotta punch it in. You know, I love you. Love handed it to Wilson, which is why I was so mad. They were giving it to Coleman. I was like you got most try to stop what's going on. Kevin Coleman had two extremely unfortunate carries last night cause the one was at the start of the first half. When they were driving on. It was 17 70 had a nice drive going. Who's that was like, What's he doing to you? Right? What's he doing out there all the way down to the 25 yard line, 1st and 10 on And then he lost nine yards on that You did not block his guy. Do you know who that was? I was a bad look right there. Yeah. Or designed asking Brandon. I used to block it TN. He got blown up on that. And then that that wound up with Robbie Gold Field goal and then 17 10, and then they marched down 2014, but when you didn't get him Uh, yeah, With the knees in the Yeah. Ken born didn't get it. I mean, how many do we need? Kim born and they called it The, uh, you know, that's what happens They can board was the one that was the That was what happened right before that Moment morning. Almost got in, guys. He was dancing in the end zone. I know, dance and smile and dance just like tonight. So I'm sitting on the bench after you've been high fiving. Yeah, By the way, you didn't get in. It's not a touch to get it get it is what it was that three play secrets. Lord doesn't get in, boy. We've got dancing before you decide, Then celebrate.

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