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That time of year where there's been very little scandal very little thing to get incredulous about it's it's been a typical sports summer and now you have mayweather mcgregor that's going to curious right through the pre season of football all the way up to august 26 by most parts is going to be time for high school football going to be time for college football baseball season starting early heat up who's inwho's out basketball seasons going to be right around the corner we're move were great and throughout the summer mayweather mcgregor will carriers to it because of the crap that they're talking about one another but they're still some things that i just find rotten one is the boy in the sun conversation economy gregor throws out there now he will say he's not racist a lotta people say he's not racist they're still and i'm not here to call somebody racist i'm not trying to be overly offended by anything here but you're still trafficking in race and you're still trafficking in trash you're still being a trash merchant of ways finding things that aren't necessarily the right way to go about things just to talks and garbage just to try to sell a few extra tickets are a few more payperview buys the same thing could be said for the whole rigmarole the press conference and some people will they just seemed to have this problem were i won't accept that it's there for money i know that ceremony saying it's not right because my problem is not about the money where's the investment and if you're telling me it's for money why am i just spending it because it's about the money if it's only for money which it seems to be why am i am more than happy to fork over ninety nine dollars per by and just say here you go you wanted to be about money here it is about money barely sport there's not many people outside of the most ardent ufc fans or even the most blind ufc fans who really give conor mcgregor a serious thought of this i really don't care for either guy i really don't care for either cyber stipulation of what's going on india on us i just don't know the longterm investment for boxing what does this new for.

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