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Was a US army officials who leaked tens of thousands of sensitive documents and WikiLeaks published them under Julian Assange, and at the time people said this was traitorous. It was treasonous Bradley Manning who to add to the confusion sex change operations now. Chelsea Manning was court martialled thrown in prison and you'll for leaking these documents and the question was now was was was he slash she. They doing a an honorable leaking job what role did WikiLeaks and Julian Assange play for publishing this Susan, right? This is the first I've heard the Julian Assange has been charged perhaps with actually coordinating with Bradley. Manning to steal these documents. But then you set forward nine years to their or six years to the twenty sixteen election, and all these people like Donald Trump who at twenty head said, you know, Julian Assange is a I it should should go to jail if that one point suggestive, it should be a death penalty for somebody who publishes state secrets like this. And then suddenly what we start publishing things are helpful the Trump campaign and harmful to Hillary Clinton and John Podesta campaign managers secret emails, and these public and suddenly Trump said quote, I love WikiLeaks. I love Julian Assange, and this this is further complicated, by the fact that Julian Assange he's been hiding in London in the Ecuadorian embassy, not only because the United States is after him. But also because we just government was after him for charges of rape. This one of those things where if you've written this is a novel you. Run by somebody like me. I would have said, well, we'll whoa. This is ridiculous to all go in the same novel. But you've got this interesting story now vis a vis a whistle blower of publisher of a whistle blower, Julian Assange, and whether or not he's a good guy for publishing this or a bad guy for having broken the law. Yeah. And you know, we had Hollywood give a full treatment to it. What was the name of that movie, the fifth state to this this story sort of went dormant for a while? But now it's been pulled right back into the open, including this whole question of whether someone who published leaked information is a criminal or hero. People have different views again, depending on what your side are. If don't forget, the San Francisco Chronicle won lots of awards, and rightfully so when they broke the story about Barry Bonds and steroids, which changed the way the baseball Hindle steroids, and in my view, it wh- was a service to major league baseball into sports because it exposes issue where the chronicle get that story. It got this story from leaked grand jury testimony that is illegal to leak the testimony eighty is against the law persons who did that was charge and the person who did that was guilty of a crime that doesn't make the San Francisco Chronicle guilty of a crime for having published it, but this is work. It's tricky if I discover the White House is plans for reelection and their secret. And I've published that, you know, very few people think that I should be going to jail for that on the other hand if. If I break into the White House in steel that information, I'm guilty of a crime. But the same should be true. If the if I get the same say trauma, Harris a should meadow. What side you're doing it on the issue is whether or not it's climbing, and I think that most people support the American version of first amendment. We say publishing something that is illegally obtained the crime is in illegally obtaining now publishing and you'd hate to see things like say, the Pentagon papers, which were stolen generation ago. You hate to see the people who publish that. Who do they service to the country for publishing go to jail themselves? So yes, aren't on the one hand if a hero I amendment folks on the other hand, he may world up Hillary Clinton the election and the pre serious allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman if not women in Sweden, visit complicated story, which is which is which is certainly going to play out of a couple of weeks in terms of what the US charges. Him whether he comes back to the United States. I'm still waiting for Donald Trump to tweet. I don't know whether he likes this guy with this guy or things you ought to be executed Marseille lower KCBS political analysts six twenty five. Let's head to the KCBS super micro Intel money, desperate. Jason brooks. Sousa Tesla's stock is under pressure after Japan's Nikkei news service reported that tesla and partner Panasonic or suspending plans to expand the gigafactory in Nevada the plan had been to increase capacity by fifty percent by twenty twenty. But it struck a big plot hole in the form of financial issues. The Nikkei says Panasonic will also suspend its investment plans. Tesla's factory in Shanghai. And will instead offer technical support on batteries tesla. Shares down about four percent pre-market trading. Dow's up Twenty-nine points before the open NASDAQ gaining three s&p futures up two points on the money watch. Jason Brooks KCBS. Sorry. I'm late. I thought I left the garage open and had to drive all the way home again funny. I left mine opened at a two, but I got a text from my security system, letting me.

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