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I don't know if I should play all this. But somebody said on Twitter Sinophile fem said this is a good question. I'm curious about this myself. What went through your mind when you dropped an f-bomb in that hilarious SNL? That was panic. I played through. I mean, I, I was, you would never know I played through, but it was it was definitely like I thought I was like going to be in trouble. And where you had did they say anything? No, they were like dog do that again. Basically playfully. Yeah, it was like, you know. Right. A girl named Kylo once you say hi to her. Hey, how's it going? Okay. That's good. And this was interesting. It's people ask about so much people ask about galaxy quals sequel. Is it gonna happen without Alan? Yes. Well there. That's right. We were almost going to do it. Right. We're yeah. Yeah, I think they're still thinking about it. You know, I it's tough. I don't know used to fill. What a great guy. I know Allen was back to an Allan, Allan. He was such a great. He was such a beautiful guy. Yeah. Another one on. Galaxy. Course who I didn't. I didn't know anyone and he was he was also very kind to me when we did that any, I did a play that he, he was leaving. So I took over for. And he wrote me, a, he didn't have to Romeo letters really nice letter over excited. It was from Alan Rickman, I opened it and the car just said it was a beautiful like sunset background, and in very small ornate cursive, said fuck you. That's awesome. Well, you know, he helped me with Charlie's angels a little bit a. Oh, that's right. You're talking about Harley Schreiber. Yeah. Yeah. You wanna talk about that. Well, I gave him the script and he said, just I said, I wanna do all these things in the you know, I don't know. Maybe it said like I wanna have Capers and keep it simple fans his eye. He's indic- hod. I queued someone of the night to sandwich. It's right. And I was like, oh, yeah..

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