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I used to say if the students have in trouble learning in my class. It's not up. Take them to learn differently. It's up to me to teach differently in that would require several versions of the same cast different accommodation staying after coming early early. You know study session so it was a lot more work for me but this was the profession that I love that. I chose so I wanted my students vince to learn. It wasn't about a job. It was about a paycheck for me and I think most of the people engage in these professions and last in these professions. They feel the same way. I mean. Sometimes you have people do it for very different reasons. But most times they themselves out. They don't last very long or their careers come to an abrupt end or they're never happened. Never fulfilled never satisfy. I think public servants in true public servants. The people who choose this work love the work and really want to impact change and improve outcomes in communities but I mean as those human nature people are people. You always have some some bad apples in any profession. But I don't think it changes the nature of the profession and the worker public servant. I have to believe that. Just one more the thing about the the parental aspect of living inner city. I was the product of a silkair hall are motorized two boys. Speak to the difficulties of that of being You know obviously have dealt with single parent homes people who as you moved it to before people who don't they have the same for about education. They'll discipline their kids in. Obviously no one wants to send your child to a school that like you said unsafe in order GonNa sit next to a child who doesn't take education as seriously to that difficulty. I'll I think again. It requires accommodations and modifications because for many of these young people. They didn't choose life. They were born into you. Know you have someone this foreign to a single mom. A teenage mom who is in a very disruptive household they come to school with all they know and I think sometimes sometimes as adults we kinda have to just take a step backwards and say well. Maybe no one's ever explained to them that this is you know. Maybe no one's ever pulled him. The site had that Congress had that conversation in a lot of that is how we approach students. I've had so many students who were explosive assertive angry just uncontrollable and I pull them. Aside and developed a relationship a report on a level of trust for I would say. You can't do this. I need you to take a walk with me and it requires a lot more time and attention but it's worth it and it's unfortunate that so many people I don't see that in the impact of that I remember what I I got to Congress. Committee I was. I was chairing a committee and it was on seclusion restraint and we went for three hours talking about kids being restrained in schools but the whole conversation was about students who had autism or or special education needs. And we're about to gavel out and I says how can we conclude a hearing about this important topic without even talking about the fact that boys and boys of color are disproportionately secluded restraint for behavior issues more than any other group like. We're not even talking about this in a real and authentic way and I think many school districts in many school systems don't want to have those conversations because it seems like it makes people feel like somehow they've done something wrong it's the numbers. Show that black and Brown children are suspended more restrained more and they're like well no. We're not doing it on purpose. These are the kids who just happened to be suspended suspended. Or they're getting in trouble but I can tell you that there's so many other cultural things around that you know. I would have to students whose parents never came up for teacher night you know so. The perception of the teacher had of them was very different. But it's like both appears work. Second Shift job. You know. We haven't every three. It's always at a Thursday. It's seven to nine if you work on Thursday second shift than you can't come at this time you know. I've seen firsthand where two students gets in trouble. Parrot leave work and come to the school and have a conversation with the principal Assembled to cool off and the other student is suspended for three days. I've seen where a student is suspended in the parents. Come back in and it goes from out of school suspension to an in school suspension. So we cannot have a system by which only the kids who have an advocate who comes in and speaks up for them are the ones who will give consideration to or special consideration to Yeah James Thanksgiving is always. I always as would ask myself is this. The Education for my child is this what I want for my child. I mean there were some kids who their behavior warranted a discipline infraction or their behavior warranted time in school suspension. But I think it has to be fair air has to be equitable. It can't be one set of rules or one standard of principles for one group in a different one for another room. So I think it's something that a lot of schools still struggle with. I'm happy that so many districts are investing in the resources to educate their teachers about implicit bias. About Trauma informed counseling Salihi about understanding remember. Waterbury did a study and what they found. was that our students..

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