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Coverage tricks out. I've seen it. I'm Roger Chan I'm Sharon Tipton Jessica doll court today. Fifty nine sponsored by USB technology. The USB implementers forum reminds consumers that USB logos are displayed on certified USB products. So the next time you're shopping for reliable, USB charger, cable or device. Look for the logos get the whole story at enabling USB dot org. With time. That's pretty good. We were like Scott. Yeah. I mean, at least got wasn't on the show to then it'd be like six hours over. Anyway, thanks for joining us for the recording the audio podcast. I'm jumping into the chat now. Like I always do pull out your questions and comments. Keep the conversation going. Needless to say, we have allowed to talk about the phone, but there's actually more than you people in the chat wanna hear more about the watch. Years here for a second. There was a galaxy homes speaker and the galaxy, why tomorrow's episode. Tomorrow. No shows cancel. Good. I can take over there. You go. I don't know. It can't. Watch bid. It wasn't a huge supplies, but we did wrestle see like a ton of leaks coming ahead of time. They, they have their own, watch dead. Scratch what I just said. I mean, the intriguing to me, they were. They were promising multiple days on a single charge with an LT batter. That part wasn't clearly, but they said several days on a single charge, which that's that's impressive if they can pull that off. Right? No, I mean, yeah. I mean, I, I mean, I guess if you're doing sleep tracking with it, but but realistically, like you're probably going to be taking it off anyway. You're not using your watch with the same, you know, constant resource claiming as he would for a phone. You're just don't hit a watch from the watches. Smaller has a small battery and it's never really like this eople watch really can't last more than a day, maybe a day and a half, right? Doing things with it, though. There's an LT connection. So I am kind of curious if that claim would extend to using data. That's yeah, that's what I'm gonna run because this thing once you put LT data only it's ninety minutes maybe so. Nonstop, of course stilts like, so I have to wonder how or if they were able to figure out balancing tees and on jeopardy on that. Also, it'll be great to see the watch in person. I haven't seen it today. I came right back to the office, but it sounds at least like it's very similar to your watches for the rotating dial and they big deal about it being circular. Yeah, it's interesting that they, they basically have scrapped the gear name the gear names failure now and it just it's galaxy watch. It decided so what's their home thing isn't galaxy home. Yeah, yeah. So maybe they're just trying to like from. Galaxy? Yeah, that's true. Yes or no kind of weird. Like last year is just perfect marketing thing, right? It's a galaxy of devices, but why didn't they do that before they have like a galaxy fridge or a galaxy dishwasher. Fara galaxy sued. Sorry. They did make smart suits, do they? Yeah. Oh, all right. Yeah. Standing Adam at CAS like last year the before. Okay. The like I know what I was in career two years ago and I saw galaxy suits. They went out smart more like Brooks brothers. They're just like nice kind of expensive. All right, Brian questions. Yeah. Can I leave the sea of been here since ten o'clock this morning? No, no, we're almost done. You're you're there. Forever of couple of good comments are wallop says the galaxy note looked so good. It might rip me away from the apple ecosystem. Strong. I would say, wait till next year. I think the biggest, Samsung changes. We're gonna see your next year in with banal agree as tight as we galaxy. And yeah, with like the in under screen. Lorraine have recall it reader like we're on the front. Yeah, like five g you know this full phone even when we talked to a Samsung executor the keynote. Like that's what he was saying. You know that they have tons and tons of innovation coming up. So if you think the note nine is great, you might wanna just, you know, Samsung gonna give it a long time partner. We've seen the galaxy phones coming out. I market with Qualcomm next generation processor, so it's very possible that Samsung will also nail an exclusive. The galaxy s time having you know the first Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint reader in display. That's something that I would kind of expect. I would be more surprised if that didn't happen. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if they end up with the first five phone record. Five g. mass-market phone. Yeah. I mean, I just I think it's just gonna be a race with that, like, but it's, you know, it's the timing. The latest timing. Qualcomm is given me for phones is like second quarter which would fit. If like the s. tens usually like March, she usually launches towards the end of the right snub would be, I would say there might be like a one off five g. specific phone that no one wants to buy that. Motorola thing with the relief. Lizzy feet three with a Moto Maude that won't be available until sometime in twenty nineteen. He put this big honker on the back of phone. It's just, you know, that seems like a play for Verizon to be able to claim that it was. I two five g. thing, but it is not a five gene abled phone and keep in mind those first four g phones. Remember the very first one was to thunderbolt and that was a terrible terrible built of demonstrate the connection. And other than that, it was a terrible phone bribe. Got. Moving on. Cody Williams wants to know with that four thousand million power battery. What is that? What's the benchmark? They tout the all day battery, but what about for a heavy user? Where does that fall off start to happen with usage? Yeah, I think that's a great question, and it's one that I can't wait to answer seen. It has a pretty rigorous battery test with video drain and will kinda hit that thing to three times until we get some pretty consistent answers. Basically what what we've seen for the galaxy s. nine plus which was sort of comparable, I guess the most comparable in terms of screen size and the modern processor. This dog eat forty five is that you're still going to want to charge it for a charging cycle you overnight. But really it just needs to hours at some point during your day. So if I were to wake up at six in the morning and late night and stay out until one in the morning, I would not feel confident that my phone would last. You know, you start seeing those double digits. So the single digits on battery. Reserves, and you start getting very, very nervous and let's face it. I'm not ever going to use the power saving. I am the person who's turning off all the connections and dimming the screen. Okay, I can get home in thirty minutes. I'm not worried so it I wanna see if it's going to push it to that next level. But at some point within probably twenty four to thirty six hour period, you know, you're still gonna wanna recharge your phone. APEC asks, is Android wear getting a refresh or updates, or the watch is just gonna Fe away. I'm actually he's actually, this was actually another ties in watch. Oh, good. So point that out. Yeah. So this is not actually Android wear for Andrew, where is getting rebranded where less leave and we'll probably hear more about it whenever Google hose event years. One of the fall October probably Tober. Yeah, over here a little bit more about that than. Yeah, as you said this, the galaxy watch is not is not Android wear or where. Yeah. Yeah, they just yes. Samsung doesn't sound thing for its watches fringes that stuff for Joe s JoAnne.

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