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The replaced dave reichert in the eight congressional district i'm jeff pohjola with a preview a northwest dad is told do not let us kids ride the bus alone on brian calvert with how he plans on challenging the government plus traffic and weather on the 4's coming up after adc from abc news todd all four poeple martin report percent of those islands damaged or destroyed hari full through truth of bill terrified tourists riding out the storm there are also ripping through the us virgin islands here in puerto rico the governor has warned the impact credible catastrophic that's abc's lindsey janis and the way the stormers tracking it looks like there will not be any landfall overnight the national hurricane center is acting director ed rappaport says puerto rico avoided a direct pit but urban still headed straight for florida and for mandatory evacuation orders were announced wednesday evening for port of miami dade county including miami beach president trump says he's agree to a very good deal to fund the government and increase the nation's borrowing limit for three months as part of an agreement to rush disaster aid to victims of storm harvey president speaking to refinery workers in north dakota wednesday discussing the administration's plan to spur economic growth this taxes it's middle income families it's families at every level every level tax cuts he says the white house is working on the greatest tax reduction in history of facebook says it has identified nearly five hundred fake accounts probably run from russia that it says spent about one hundred thousand and dollars on ads that amplified political dive divisive issues during the 2016 presidential campaign and the president's oldest son expected to speak privately thursday with a senate committee investigating russian interference in the election donald trump jr is scheduled to be interviewed by staff of the senate judiciary committee and some senators may also attend on wall street the dow gained fifty four points you're listening to abc news attention all cpap users this is an important message regarding your cpap machine in your health if my husband cpap machine cleaned well it could make.

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