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I am proud to be part of America's fight against Cove in 19. But many healthcare workers don't get paid sick, leave or have enough protective equipment. I have two Children with asthma. Onda mother whose high risk I worry every day about bringing this virus home to them. Joe Biden's plan will help us take better care of your loved ones as well as our own. Along with Lieutenant Governor Kathy Ho, Kal EI caste New York's votes 44 votes for Bernie Sanders and 277 for our next president. Joe Biden. It's OK. That's New York casting their votes in the delicate votes. Of course, for this roll call is formally will formally put Joe Biden as the candidate is, if there was any question right now, I want to get back to former President Bill Clinton because again he did have five minutes in the sun not too long ago and one of the sharper critics of the current president's response to Cove in 19. Got a Donald Trump responded. At first, he said the virus was under control. Here. When it didn't he was on TV every day bragging on what a great job he was doing. Our scientists waited to give us final information. When he didn't like the expert advice he was given ignored it or representative Alexandria Cassio. Cortez took her turn on screen to Shing. She's proud to be part of the movement that was launched by another candidate, Bernie Sanders, a movement striving to recognize and repair the wounds of racial injustice, colonization. Misogyny and homophobia. And to propose and build reimagined systems of immigration and foreign policy that turn away from the violence and xenophobia of our pounds. Endorsing Sanders, a cosy of Cortez has said she has no intention of tearing the party apart. Getting behind Joe Biden for November, So let's bring in ABC is Ryan Burrow and Ryan. Tonight. We do get to hear from abide, Not Joe. But Jill, Yeah, and well here, probably a story that gives a little bit more understanding and personality about this candidates less on the politics of it less on the attack of the president and more on the man himself. By the way, do you want to point out? It looks like the national delegate count. It's just crossed over into the territory that Joe Biden would need to receive the party's nomination. So it looks like it's official are very close to being official at that. As we continue on with this roll, call a CZ. You've been pointing out Pete Buddha judge among those making an announcement for Indiana in support of Joe Biden. We've heard meat packing. Employees from Nebraska, the mayor of Washington, D. C. And, of course, Delaware abstained and probably will be popping up here Pretty soon. Tio make some kind of formal statements on behalf of Joe Biden's home state. Now. One other point I wanted to bring up to is Jimmy Carter talking about Joe Biden and their work together Rosalynn Carter as well. We didn't actually see Jimmy Carter's face, though it was just the voice of Jimmy Carter. We did not see him speaking into ah, microphone or into a camera at all. Instead, they just kind of ran B roll in images of Joe Biden throughout the discussion, But, yeah, we're waiting now to see what Dr Jill Biden says, perhaps softening some of the mood in some of the attacks that we heard from Bill Clinton. One thing that I do want to point out when Bill Clinton was trying to draw a contrast between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Speaking of Trump, he said, if you want a president who spends hours a day watching TV and zapping people on social media He's your man. Of course, Bill Clinton is quite Theatre Act dog when it comes to these conventions, and we'll hear if Dr Joe Biden kind of softens the tone here at the tail end of this convention. Now that's a veces Ryan burrow. And, yes, Bill Clinton can deliver a line. That's 11 convention speeches now and who knows how many more. It is also a CZ. You mentioned the night for the formal nomination of Joe Biden the roll call going on Right now They're up to Pennsylvania. And of course, the tally really is in material because I think we all know that Joe Biden is going to be the candidate. Not a lot of goofy hats, though, in this role call, no balloon drop, and not a lot of pomp and ceremony. But again, they're going through the motions, just like any other time and doing the running tally again later on tonight, the closer Will be Jill Biden. Al Jones. 10 10 wins news and we just want to emphasize the Joe Biden is now the Democratic nominee for president, exceeding the number of delegates required. He has more than 2800. Delegates voting for him. Only 2374 were needed. So Joe Biden has been nominated now the Democratic presidential nominee..

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