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Know i i know i wanna get rid of all these posters on telephone poles we see him all time for you know trees done cheap swimming favorites dirty trees done dirt cheap by so trees done she all lawn cutting things like that and they'll dot says more of these things off the top poles so i mean i get that but what about lost dogs you know shouldn't be an exception for that five two nine one one seven downstate eight three nine one o five nine so i said our firm this this email two lori bill you and she replies thanks so much for checking in no news yet we've had a lot of sightings but he's still running running running we really need people to stop trying to catch him and that's the thing he looks like this great big honking wire terrier he's serve a labrador will but not its in other words he doesn't look like your usual labrador it'll he's he's like a giant grey and black carpet carpet yes he like a curly shag carpet he's he's great abby so wrote their way way way way turn on the abbey's mike our or your work in your work okay she did it she went off she gave us at off but he i is uh he's like a great chewbacca where around there with the with curly hair and he and he's panicking about this whole thing so um she says luck please don't try to catch him because he'll run run run run run unless you have a bacon sandwich in your car to throw out the window that's nice well that would get him right you know here ozzie his name azazi as he he i say looks like a giant gray wire terry but these these big so unless you have a bacon sandwiches your car to throw out the window please pretend he's not there take a photo and call so frustrating but he's so thankful that people are interested in helping find him now this is what she said they're having an event tomorrow i just need people to know more about scared dodd behavior so they're having a flyer event tomorrow where people can pick up flyers at our geelong brewing company you know you you you picked are jio when my favorite places the whole wide world.

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