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Year I'm Joe Ramsey scientists are looking for ten thousand pet dogs the largest ever study of aging in canines they hopeful dogs and teaches new tricks riven should light on human longevity the project launched today and reflect a pile of data the small group will test the pill that could slow the aging process owners can nominate their pets by visiting the dog eating project website researchers at the university of Washington school of medicine or organizing effort with a veterinarian from Texas a and M. they say what we learn about how dogs age could lead to advances for human health dogs in the study will live at home and pull their usual routines all ages sizes are welcome will your breeds and much another hotel Cheney's cutting back on its use last hung in hotels is removing the small bottles of shampoo conditioner and bath gel and it's eight hundred seventy five hotels around the world the transition to a large multi use bottles is expected to be completed in about a year and a half hi it's also cutting down on the used a plastic water bottles at meetings and increasing the number of water stations so guests could re fill their own bottles Pam Coulter CBS news at ten twenty five money news on a wide W. bluebird Phil Donahue all three stock averages could have set new record closes by finishing in positive territory but only one was able to the S. and P. rose three point three thousand ninety seven the Dow however lost to the nasdaq three investors got more confirmation of their worry about whether the US and China can actually work out a partial trade deal from the Financial Times it says the two sides are hung up on intellectual property for purchases of rolling back tariffs Google isn't commenting on a report that the anti trust investigation of the company may grow broader to included Searchin android businesses so far that probe was focused on Google's advertising business and the union for American Airlines flight attendants says some of the members are afraid to fly the seven thirty seven Max even after it wins regulator approval to fly again the union says flight attendants want to know what exactly because two of the jets to crash and why the model would be considered safe to fly now with money news from Bloomberg on K. Y. W. one John Doniger southern California student marks his sixteenth birthday with a school shooting our top story coming.

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