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One of his first stops will be the Oval Office. Visit with President Trump Brunson was convicted by Turkish cordo accused him of spying and aiding terrorists. Washington has been applying pressure on Ankara sanctions and trade tariffs. Mr. brunson's parents say President Trump has been instrumental insecure mess psalms freed cordelia Lynch with our partners at Sky News. President Trump reacting to the disappearance of a Washington Post journalist saying there would be severe punishment. If it's found that the kingdom is responsible for the killing of Jamal kashogi telling CBS's, sixty minutes, we would be very upset and angry. If that were the case as of this moment, they deny it and denied vehemently. Could it be them? Yes. But also made it clear he doesn't want to slap sanctions against Saudi Arabia, especially since the Saudis have a multi-billion dollar military deal with the US. I don't wanna hurt jobs. I don't want to lose or like that. And you know, there are other ways of. Mission. The Saudi Interior Minister calls reports that kashogi is murder was ordered outright lies and baseless allegations. The death toll from hurricane Michael now at seventeen and expected to rise the chief of emergency services in bay county says a tremendous number of people ABC's Pete combs got an aerial view of the devastation with the US coastguard on Friday flying over Panama City, and Mexico beach. You get a sense of this utter destruction. How vast this storm was and how everything was impacted many things were destroyed and the question becomes when you look at it from that altitude you have to wonder how the world anybody survived that a lot of people decided to ride the storm out and not obey the mandatory evacuation. Order. Those are the people now that authorities are more worried about that's ABC's Pete combs. And you're listening to ABC news from the Anna jarring.

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