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In his could be hydraulically turned to help steer the rockets he that sinner one was fixed the other four could sort of gamble around it was built by boeing in new orleans actually the same facility where these space shuttle external tank would later be built by lockheed martin's of reusing that space that build it and then they would put on a barge and take it florida yeah chip shipping around um using liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen the s two secondstage had five rocket rocketdyne j two engines in a similar arrangement to the s 1c also using those outer engines for control it was built by north american aviation in california seal beach california and the s four b upper stage was built by the douglas aircraft company later mcdonnelldouglas later point lot of consolidation in aerospace on the idea that has but back then it was douglas huntington beach california so those stages were from california and i don't know where they were they put through the panama canal where they shipped on a train i don't know that but they were probably probably too big it probably had to get who panama canal hip thereby bartsch yeah so one j two engine and the same fuel as the as too so they're buddies we should i forget the ibm built saturn five instrument unit it road atop the third stage but below the apollo flight hardware itself if you see the saturn five at kennedy it's it's on its side and the stages are separated a little bit you can get to see into them in the instrument unit is is out on its own this computer controlled the operations of the rocket from just before liftoff until the sfor be finished its job included guidance anttila matry systems for the rocket self like we said.

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