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CNN, Anthony Kennedy, Donald Trump discussed on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer


This is cnn breaking news we're following breaking news a growing partisan battle over the next supreme court justice as eighty one year old anthony kennedy announces he will retire from the high court of the end of next month democrats are demanding a confirmation vote on president trump's eventual nominee wait until after the midterm election citing republicans refusal to consider abominate until after the twenty sixteen election but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has already said he plans a confirmation vote before november we'll talk about the breaking news with two members of the senate judiciary committee dick durbin and sheldon whitehouse and our correspondents specialists and analysts they are all standing by first let's go straight to our senior white house correspondent jeff zony he's joining us from fargo north dakota where the president will be holding a rally later tonight jeff the president now gets to pick a second supreme court just wolf he does get a second supreme court justice anthony kennedy is so much more than that so much more than one of nine after serving on the supreme court for some thirty years this is a monumental once in a generation decision the president now has before him so there's no question president from will pick from a list of some twentyfive conservatives that he has already announced publicly the question is when that will happen republicans mitch mcconnell leading the charge say that must happen before the midterm elections democrats of course are saying it should happen after the midterm elections wolf only one thing tonight is clear this now will become part.

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