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Steeler fans. It this time once again for no not the curtain call. We have officially made it to actual football and with it the return of know your enemy. I'm not joined by jeffrey benedict tonight. Who is on vacation. But i have a very special co host of course tate from the no. All's podcast tate joined up ryan. Anthony davis. i believe it was the tales from two. Am podcast a couple of days ago. So welcome back to behind the steel curtain. How you doing tonight thanks michael. I'm doing well man. I mean. I love watching you and jeffrey every wednesday the curtain call. And before that you know when the season was in know your enemy so you know i'm ray just to talk some. Footballs steelers cowboys. And whatever else you might. Matt love it and appreciate you checking out the show before once again for those. Who don't know who i am. Of course my name is michael vick. Deputy editor bondsteel steel curtain dot com. And we're working on all things. Pittsburgh steelers were staus cowboys. Preseason week one. I guess preseason weeks zero technically for the hall of fame game but tate. We made it through the off season. How excited are you have actual life football back on the tv. Starting tomorrow thursday man. I'm just. I'm ready so ready for it. Man i mean the way. We went out last year against browse at first playoff game. Learn even though he that losing streak to end of the year and we were weller one of our last four games. I mean loss of our last five. Gangs say you know. I had high expectations for the play offs. And for my football to just be zapped away so quick and so unexpectedly. This has been long time from january to august. And now we've and then last year we have a preseason of like all over the place so just getting back to the to the structure of of a real. Nfl season at us. How extra preseason game this year getting the see. I'm anxious to see knives. Even for just one series and dwayne haskins and in james pierre these guys that are making name and campus leisa for makes the same on the gridiron. Yeah you know when you mentioned the playoff loss is kind of drug this playoff or this off season out longer to me it. It just seems like everyday taken a little bit a little bit more a couple more minutes feels. They added on at the end of every day to kind of stewing on that terrible defeat but football's finally back in a shot. Redemption for the steelers of course the hall of fame game. You don't get your ben- roth this. Burgers tj watt. I'd be certainly surprised if he partook. It's patrick of course. What are you most excited for. Even though the big names aren't participating what are you looking for to the most when The game kicks off thursday night. Well i think i think you know. We're we're hardcore football fans. We've been watching this and this longtime preseason all those things oh so we know the big names aren't gonna play. We may see those guys for two quarters in third preseason game you know but like i mean i think i think we just have so many the new system the new off of lying. You know the matt canada's play calling given the oil prices vary vanilla in the preseason. We'll get some idea of what of what is going to be like. You know being under center you know. Hopefully the majority of the time and handing the ball off at least fifty percent of the time. We hope i mean get some good balanced going. So and you know i'm i'm anxious to see antoine brooks. I think he'll. I think i think he could be a potential replacement for mike. Hyun i mean. I know i know. Melendez savvy batteries. More of the cover guy and if son had to go to the inside he'd be more of a cover guy too thick. I think brooks just breeze that size and that physicality internati to that position that i think pittsburgh is used to from that spot. I think for me what i'm looking forward to. The most is basically how infrequent we've seen the back half of the twenty twenty draft guys like the carlos davis's really anthony. Mcfarland wasn't big draft class because of no preseason last year. Didn't get to watch these guys so now like antoine brooks also stated like. We're actually going to see these guys on the field in a bigger role than we've ever seen them. So i'm interested to see what those guys can do. And of course All all the new acquisitions that found their way onto the team this year. But with it there's a ton of pretty exciting position battles the depth chart battles going on here in training camp. Of course all the quarterbacks kind of vying for that number two spot and then the number three spot still aren't carrying four guys. That's just basically a wasted roster spot at that point which one of these position battles you can looking forward to the most and do you think it could be settled in preseason games. I think i think the easiest one is saying would be quarterback. But i'll stay away from the obvious one so i think i think the position that i'm looking for is and i'm pretty sure i'm pretty sure the middle line by like like who are we to keep five guys. Are we just going to keep four. Depends on the outside linebackers. At say i know jamir jones is having a nice little camp from self. But it really depends. I think typically the carry nine total when it comes to outside and inside linebackers it depends which way the five chefs that usually goes back and forth. So if i'm if if i'm thinking about bad i mean i don't i don't i don't know how shake out but i'm thinking caches marshes. Maybe gone. I mean because i think i think Number number twenty marcus. Marcus allen and yuji. Three and with drafting buddy giles. Nothing those guys bring so much versatility you know for special teams and you know just just dying dime heavy packages and things like that. I think they offer a lot of security. And i think we i think rochet can be good. He's still young. But i think i think i think he should already surpassed marshland on the depth chart as now so if we have four strong edge rushers three superstar edge rushers and one that's talented but still young needs to be grown in. He'll be in a room with a lot of great guys you know. If he's some of the work ethic from tj and in an alex highsmith man. We'll be onto something so if we keep nine backers i have to think maybe marshes the odd man out right now. Yeah i can totally get on board with that too. And one of the factors when it comes to those rounding out of the depth charts is going to be special teams especially from the outside linebacker room. We know melvin ingram. He's not gonna play special teams. Tj awad outside smith. They're just playing on defense..

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