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They anchor a politics of repudiation, in which the idea of a common good has little purchase and quote, saying all those Elitist white college educated Liberal Democrats out there the lives We're always talking about about racism. They don't do anything to solve racism. They don't spend any time in black majority neighborhoods. They don't really know what's going on within the black community. But they love pointing out the racism all around them all the time, even where there is no actual racism, sometimes They do this because by demeaning traditional America American values by saying that this place is racist and wrong and evil. They're not bound by the generally held conceptions of what makes Good American citizen is these days because they know better there above it. They're elevated beyond it. Doesn't this all sound exactly like The ethos the modern philosophy of a Democrat. Don't you all have friends that are just like this? I've never actually been in a high crime majority Minority neighborhood for more than a couple of hours, or maybe driving through it, But they want to give you lectures about bln. That's right. They want to lecture you about BLM from their million dollar house in an all white suburb. These are the kind of lives we're talking about here. The ones who are frauds, the ones who are fakes. How do they get away with this in their own minds. This is how they don't take pride in being Americans. They think they are better than America. They know better than America. They want to transform this place in this image, and that's what we're facing now going forward. I'm Buck section And thanks for listening to the Buck Sexton Show on talk radio 6 80, WCBS. Not long ago I met Mike Lyndall, the incredible inventor of my pillow, and he fit me for my very own my pillow, among other products. I can't stop raving about them. They're amazing. These pillows won't go flat. You could wash and dry them constantly. And most importantly, they're made in the USA for a limited time. Mike is offering his premium my pillows for his lowest price ever..

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