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So to give you a little little context, so around the time Kirk Kobean those last few months of his life, they had been married for two years. They have their daughter Francis. Bean. WHO's about a year and a half? I think at that point. Nirvana's is probably most famous band in the world I would say like I. I'm sure that fluctuates, but you know at the time they were, and Kurtz had been suffering from heroin addiction. For probably twelve to eighteen months at that point like really serious while heroin, addiction and I hope feels like something that is by definition counter cultural getting that huge. We've just be I. Don't know I think it's like why Blend Courtney. Love when you can blame fame, and it's right there. That's my. And I. Just want to say right now is a disclaimer like it's really important to me when we're talking about this that I like focus on Courtney, but I think it's impossible to talk about her without talking about her now because. Their lives were so intertwined Ryan they were so famous, and they both had such an impact on each other things that were happening to him, because of his career directly impacted her and vice versa, so it's like yeah, you know as I was thinking about this I kept thinking like there's there's one funny interview with them is in. There's good documentary that came out a few years ago called the montage of heck. and. There's a home video of them where they're just sort of like bickering about something in a light hearted way, and she's like. Why are you always the good one and I'm always the bad one in. It's clearly like something. They understood about their relationship, but it's also just like immediately. The roles they fell into. In the world, and how they were perceived, that is true i. mean the ways in which Mayo rockstars get to be messes in public is very different than the way that female rockstars get to be messes. Yeah, and how can Morrison is like this angel of rocks still? Yeah right and I mean curtain Courtney both did a lot of drugs. Those were in and out of Rehab, but But I think we collectively attend to forgive Kurt for that a lot more, but yeah, forgive her for that. Yeah, so the run up to his suicide is all of this kind of getting worse, so he. He was using heroin pretty frequently. Were you know I would say a year or eighteen months? And then that just snowballed I mean like that? That just got worse and worse and. At the beginning of Nineteen, ninety four, the band had kind of Nirvana as. They weren't doing a whole lot. They weren't actually like their album had come out the previous fall. They had started to tour a couple times, but Kurt canceled the tours because he was struggling, but you know Kirk..

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