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About this one. Actually. It's a great job in this week at this Friday night. The the bare knuckle boxing card. I'm actually looking forward to this. First of all Dakota Cochrane who you know, I know I'm not going to make any the obvious jokes about 4,000 those jokes and he asked me not to and he's a really good guy. So I liked him a lot. He's on this card. Yeah. He's undefeated to Bare knuckle boxing this guy and he also offer has wins in bare knuckle boxing over Chris leben and Johnny Hendricks. He knocked out Johnny Hendricks and bare-knuckle boxing. So this kid, I think he actually found his name is a good a good for the Cota so he's got his card and then also Tyler goodjohn who is a male pornstar birth. Trader and when I say a male pornstar, I don't mean he's been in like one or two. I mean he has like hundreds of videos of him just banging chicks on Instagram and Facebook. I mean going deep I seen his dick wait times to sell my feed. I might even looking it just shows it on my on my feed like him just blasting chicks. So he's fighting Krazy Horse Bennett. So this fight a bare-knuckle boxing what was now goes by the name felony. So it's felony versus a male pornstar slash writer Tyler. Goodjohn from England also on this car people Sheena star who we've had bought a card number. She's the girl that was living in the I think she might be in a trailer. Yeah, like four and like 30 or something. I met the one that was wearing the shirts saying Hillary Clinton is is a contract for whatever fights but she's awesome. She happens to be like, there's like a tire. We were there. He was like a she's fighting Jenny Savage the the the Macho woman. Remember she got her on the podcast and she got into a fight with what's his name with that girl. Who's who's boy whose husband is a what's up talking on talking about off again Gambino had a press conference. They were going at it. So these two are fighting. So yeah, there's a lot of characters on this car people in bare knuckle boxing this Friday night off site for this journey Savage who's hot by the way also look her up Macho woman against Sheena star the Hillary Clinton is a constant fighter. So this should be this way Joe you guys are all very excited about this. So I am I'm going to watch it. I'm going to watch it my wife just my nanny canceled because for two days earlier, she's sick. So I gotta watch the kid, but we have three podcast this week tomorrow. We have Kyra batara who is an amazing fighter in combat day. She was in Rising and her only fans. Is I don't have it because I'm married, but from what I hear she made $100,000 and only fans and there's a lot of I don't know if actual body positive hot stuff that if I was a a single man who had $10 a month, I would definitely subscribe if you want to she puts it out there. You know, he got tomorrow off as well as Alonzo menifield who is the college football player that was 115 different group homes that was ended up now. He's in the MMA. He's a bad ass..

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