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For you can leave here wearing a door covenant eight there we didn't have during the n e entertainment talk about the return of burlesque it's becoming quite popular again isn't it it is unpopular especially in seattle for the last decade think back hold on very interfering in depth really in right now people watch for eight entertaining and we have been giving not for about over a decade now so explain what the show is about if we're going there how what i describe it to the person i might be bringing well this shows how many curators from how is it one of my favorite because it the mostly female calf andy brady had that much better together the idea that we got a really funny how carabinieri her family rather than my woah here no you're with that the role um he's doing that he was a kid he's been a net bonded out cabaret world and she kinda take it to the leukemia journey career things like rocky more a picture show and rail aaron mckie we've got it right here things that are going to everything that is definitely the moment michael cream every here lander time so i would assume this is not for all ages but you do have a family friendly show going on it yeah they're kind of our rated arvari the numbers show and then you've got a family that you want to entertain during october you can come through our magnet that matinee which is every saturday and sunday and then that we've got a lot of thong and there you go back there that go purpose then vampire creditors it really fun you can mouth nikki now it pancake can you can have crab banenko america and enjoy your weekend but if you want to get spooked by zombie cheerleaders from how that runs october six through the 31st and.

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