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Lunar new year and traditionally celebrated by taking you know days or even a week off a families get together uh for feasting and uh and honoring their ancestors uh so the whole country kind of comes to a stop and in the years prior to 1968 it was the one time of year one the war even came to a stock so uh south vietnamese uh armed forces gave many of their troops a furlong over those days and uh and there was in fact supposedly a truth uh which the north vietnamese and the viet cong uh ignored and i think it help them achieve uh surprise all over the country that said i think it was even more remarkable uh that they were able to amass the kind of forces that they did uh throughout south vietnam something that i don't believe the american command or the south vietnamese military believed was possible i'm talking to mark bowden whose the author most recently boy 1962 turning point the american warned vietnam can you explain that you touched on the moment ago but did you explain how it was that the new vietnamese in the viet cong were able to anticipate that they could pull off this kind of victory against the i guess overwhelming might we would think of it as the overwhelming might and the overwhelming intelligence capabilities and and and everything else that the united states had on its side while i don't think frankly lar alert pay it um um were intimidated by a of american or um it certainly true that america deliver more firepower more rapidly anywhere uh in the battlefield there may could and ahead far superior weapons and at an endless stream of a wreath apply how but.

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