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I'm i'm just saying argument. You're saying it in a matchup between hooker and does that favor probably hooker right now. I would favor designed. Yes would be like. I don't think runs over in but like we saw it depends on which already shows up like. I'm not saying hooker wins. Because he's tall. Because saw neil magny magazines taryn wellesley division but then we see what lightly on edwards did. It's already like just kind of peace them up for five rounds with that inside on hookers gray with his elbows. Knees especially enclosed during so probably hooker. But i'm not saying you tear through. Yeah i may be living. I may be living in two thousand sixteen. I won't lie. It was it was a good year. I think that's a good year in my life and let's go back there but i actually like skill wise. It's just. I haven't seen that. What you would drop off from from does is even in the she has kids. It was so much bigger grappler edwards like said kind of that. That was probably the most convincing as far swan beating. Rda protect sampling. But otherwise i mean and against like who's mon- covington just so much bigger able to push the pace on him that he he practically just can't match at this age so let's maybe he's fouled best bet he doesn't have the grappling or some of those guys obviously but his best is to kind of follow that blueprint. We now know the blueprint to be to. It helps if you've got you know five ten solid pounds of botswana which presumably failed. It will not have that kind of advantage but we we but we do know the front. But i see as being a little more even a little bit more like just sinuses best performances. So i think it's really really competitive. Fight and i i'm with you guys. Of course i would rather have seen the macho fight boy. What a compelling story this is with with felder coming in. And and i do think that the wind matters. I do think it could lead to something breeder one last run for donyo organ builders say hey look he's been saying for a while he wants his to To end his career on big we how close to the end but whatever his last two three four years competing he wants big flights. He wants topped by guys. And again i think as essentially a top five lightweight though right has been has been has been removed from the makings for some time. But i think a lot of people's minds this is your new ranking system. Finchley essentially. I like to. I like to consider where the fighter was five years ago. Like to add that you have to. You have to add that. The equation related central. If i if i've yelled asandra wins this fight. Make sure you listen to on to the next one. Because i have no idea what ak is gonna pick for for happy designed just next being a top five guy in two thousand sixteen but will say jose. I feel. I mean every fight. There's pressure on both sides to win but to me in feel free to disagree with me. I feel like all other especially coming on short notice like this. He is playing with house money here. Yeah the stakes are high. But he's stepping in five days notice. He's the hero of the day of sorts. Both already looking to make a splash at one fifty five once again starting with saturday. Do you feel like. Rda has the lion's share of the pressure tomorrow night rda. Probably i mean. I'm not saying it's it's he has an enormous amount of pressure going there when because considering he was preparing for Dahgestani wrestler now. He's fighting a kickboxing specialists from philadelphia. So little bit of. I give him a little bit of what i i don't know where i'm looking for but i give them benefit of the dow soon because just training for a completely different five days notice In a new way class felder wasn't even remotely in. He wasn't preparing for a fight either so obviously fell there. If you lose. I think if he goes out there and loses about thirty seconds. It's not going to be like. Oh well you know he. He was apparently Exac that's i'm not saying he's going to i just think it depends on how he's going to win or he's going to lose. Rda goes out there and crushes them thirty seconds people. So yeah that's what he was supposed to do and you move on from there. Feldon loses in thirty seconds Himself said maybe i don't. I shouldn't be fighting. Because if i'm losing to. Rda this badly. I should be fined for the title so it might be the last time we ever see paul felder. A fight inside the octagon. So i think it's a little bit of a a different sort of pressure in terms of rankings. It might just be paul felder. Fighting to see if he's still belongs in mixed martial arts As a competitor out there and has a competitive fight with former champion in a main event on five days notice. I can imagine we'll see fell again inside the octagon but if he goes out there and lays eneg. I can't imagine we'll ever see him every in competing. Obviously be He's gone he'll be he'll be behind the mic. But well we'll see. I mean if big opportunities could come again. It's we're in. The middle of a of a strange era and opportunity could knock once against our no so for those wondering about the betting odds average. Rda's around minus one eighty favorite in the comeback. On paul elders around plus fifty five. I think the odds are. I think the those are pretty good odds right now so casey the million dollar question. Who gets this thing done tomorrow night. Since i think for the average fan base the happy ending would be Winning with some hilarious hellacious elbow some ground and pound. But we're going to see. A five round snooze does on your on just out wrestling daughter. That's that's how twenty twenty twentieth. That's where we're gonna see. Wow we're going to be Rda giving a A pet is like performance when you when you That's that's my prediction. Unfortunately jose young's what do you think. Yeah i think it's gonna come down to the felt it's finished and if he does. I think it's going to be similar to the the kevin lee a fight where he like our ages come down in like squeezed into death So does if there is a finnish. I think it'll be. Rda kind of clip in then finishing with the submission on the ground. Probably armed joke on trying or whatever you want. What whatever source mission on. But i do have already. Eighties actually was a full camp. I know i said it's not. He's training for different opponent. But i think when he got the islamic jeff. I felt kinda bad because they're not giving. Rda any easy fights like uis mun covington Mocking like they're getting all of the. He's getting all these wrestlers in their kind of using them to propel them moving forward and now he gets Another wrestler islam mock Originally three rounds and then it got moved to five round so he had to change the training camp. You also had to pull out of their first. Because he wasn't healthy now he gets all fell there Which i imagine if he he's more than comfortable fighting kickboxer a feet. So i'm going to favor. Rda just he's actually been in camp for a fight this whole time.

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