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Their last night colorado shut out montreal to nothing i think the story in this one simeon varlamov who now is played well in the three games coming back from injury and quite a conundrum their for bed nar and the avalanche who is your starting goaltenders you try to make this runs of the playoffs because despite that tengame winning streak the avalanche were still on the outside looking in and out by much but still they have to make a decision on who they are going to go with maybe it's just going to be a case of riding the hot hand berniere done such a tremendous job all varlamov was out for a law though is the starting goaltender i remember when i was in colorado doing the um ranger avalanche game peter mcnab said that varlamov was the starting goaltender but bernie a played so well that i would think you'd have to ride the hot hand with almost every game for the avalanche moving forward uh being very very important and with the nathan mckinnon being out of the lineup of they're gonna probably have to rely on some really quality goaltending a colorado cup columbus excuse me loses in toronto six two threes the leaf discontinue to stay on fire but a concern for the leaves if you want to find one in the six three win fifty seven shots on goal allowed i mean that just ridiculous that you're giving up that many shots on goal especially for a limited offensive team like the blue jacket so toronto needs to trade for a defenseman and i know islander fans are flip out wanting guard snow to be fired because of his inability to land a defenseman walt to defend garth snow it's a difficult thing to go out there and get and toronto's a heck of a lot closer to winning a cup than the islanders are and i think toronto will be begin the market for a rhyme mcdonough the question is what are they willing to give up because i look at this leave team as a team that could possibly represent the eastern conference in.

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