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Computer. I used to have a little horse farm years ago in Illinois and on the roof of the house and the barns. We had lightning rods connected with a wire into the ground. So in case lightning ever hit in you know, so wouldn't hit the house, but it would hit the it would hit the rod in power would go right down the wire and then ground right to the ground that was at that's right now and that lightning. That's that's what we call each William P the kind of lightning the kind of host that we're afraid of from a nuclear weapon is called e one EMP, and the the pulse that we're afraid of the sun is called E three m p and so two MP a middle mid range free-trade frequency right between the two of them. And and for the sun to really do it. It has to be an ex flair of a pretty big magnitude, right? Well to the to threaten civilization. Yes. You know, because we do have to magnetic storms happen all the time. Sure. Every year, you know, there was one in nineteen eighty nine called. Hydro-quebec storm that blacked out half of Canada for ninety seconds, excuse me in ninety seconds. But it only lasted day. Okay. It wasn't a civilization ender and countries that high northern latitudes and the state of Alaska. Finland Sweden Russia. You know, they get hit with these to make Nick schmaltz you make extorts compared to Carrington event. You know, they're civilization. Anders troublesome, you know. And and they and those countries have usually already protected their grits against the naturally. Mt. To the extent of the of the of the kind of phenomenon that they're used to experiencing the most of them except for Russia are prepared for a big big one. You know, the the big the to answer your original question is what do we do about this? I that that solution that's in the plug of your personal computer that deals with lightning in effect. You're just scaling up that same technology. The surge arrester has to be more powerful. Right. We've got the equipment that we've got the personnel to do this. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's right. And and just how did we get our society protected against lightning? Well, you know when it comes to designing equipment now. It's just. Written into the engineering and books and regulations that hey, when you build any kind of electronic system, you know, that that that's really important that's important that could feel from named it has to meet certain standards and certain criteria and industry doesn't even think about it. They just build the stuff to that standard. Well, that's what we've gotta do. We've just got to change the standard. So that e one e two and e three are all covered and that'll solve the whole problem. And the estimate I heard from Bill forced to the couple of years ago was about two billion dollars to fix this and insulate the grid is that number still pretty constant. Yes. I that was, you know, the commission estimate back in nineteen no excuse me, yet two thousand eight back in two thousand eight you know, some years later so cousin inflation, and like it might have gone up to three or four billion. But yeah. Two to four billion dollars would be enough to protect the electric grid and can the president do this. Executive order. Yes. I think the president can you know, he can direct all the departments and agencies to to protect themselves and those parts of the critical infrastructures that they overseen. So at the department of energy department of homeland security, for example, you know, could could and the most importantly, the Federal Energy Regulatory commission, which say. We're we're going to have these new standards, we're going, and you guys are going to have to protect the electric grid communication systems because we're so electron IQ these days. Peter everything is done this way. Store. You can't go to an ATM. You can't do anything without electron IX anymore. That's right. And if the electronics are manufactured, we know from from decades of experience in the department of defense that when you design the MP hardness into a system, it's part of the design before you even build it. It'll be niche one percent to six percent to the cop system. So for for one to six percent increase in the cost of critical electronic systems like transformers that run the power grid or the, you know, the semi conductors and other electromechanical systems in airplanes for a or your personal computer or your car? One wonder an additional one to six percent cost added to it. And you don't have to worry about ESPN is worth and Peter. We're gonna take a quick break. We'll come back and take phone calls. So many people wanna talk with you about this in this possibility as we talk about protecting the power grid. We haven't given up we've been doing this for years with Peter pry and William force gen f Michael we're.

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