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And the man is heartbroken and at the funeral his crazy brother walks in and says i've come back to raise the from the debt and he's about right to punch him but his daughter says why don't you let them try so he's and she'll john goes over there and he raises it from the debt and his reaction the bank characters reaction is not that i've seen a miracle not oh my god i fall on my knees his reaction this i've got her back pure carnal desire holder clutch your kiss squeezer holder you know and response to a miracle of being karnal and so i go that way with it i love that paul i end of ripped sort of the show by asking filmmakers what's the last great that film they've seen what's the last greek film that you've seen i don't know about great decent but the last good film i saw was devastat on it what did you like about it just you know it's smarts no it's perversity yeah were you aware of enu she's work before prior to that i had heard his name but i'm going to wear of his work yes very good thank you again very much for doing this congrats on i four i.

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