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Join us the bobcat fire up to 50,500. Plus not laughing at the fire. Do you say poetry? Our well, Christmas Carlo is quite the poet. You know he raging outside, he said yesterday. Allegories. What did you say? Specifically, I love whenever it was something that no one ever Says, Yeah, undeveloped lands or something. It was bizarre wildlands, outdoor spaces, Just like I love chasing fires through the rugged terrain and reporting on the grass. I mean, was something really weird Poetry hour? Yeah, starts. Remember when he said that Something about the Octopus, The condensation on a rainy day and the drops on the window. That was a good one. Yesterday he busted out right out of the gate with the octopus analogy. Like, you know, like an octopus will stretch its tentacles out. Love that guy Well, and we all went like this. Yeah, I do know. I mean, he nails it every time he talks about he does. It's gotta be the shoes when we also next hour Talk about schools in Orange County about the schedule for reopening Corbin cars has been on that story pretty pretty consistently. So we'll talk with Corbin coming up next. Our Ah, kind of a covert 19 round up there, one of the big issues that we talked about. Over the course of last week was Dr Barbara for rare Lake County public health director and this call that she did with school officials, and she kept referring to the election as a time a point in time. After which schools would reopen, so tone deaf to the politicising of the pandemic, Right? You are one of the spokes people of the county that comes forth with the guidelines or whatever you want to call them for people's livelihood, getting back to what it once wass and you need to be hyper aware of politicizing it or making sure that you don't politicize it, and she Constantly said I don't see schools reopening until after the election. Why would you make the election of benchmark? Well and listen. Everybody knows that the election is the beginning of November. Just say the beginning of November and avoid avoid the controversy. But I do not know that that was important for you to maintain complete neutrality. She came out earlier this week and said it was just that it was just a reference to timing. It wasn't a matter of politics, and it wasn't to say that you know, we can't Because it would benefit someone politically one way or the other Well, Nashville is in an interesting and similar situation dealing with what information has been given to the public about infection rates and What those infection rates mean when it comes to the policies that have been put forward by the health Department in Metro Nashville. Nashville is just restaurant after bar after restaurant after bar after restaurant after bar there on Broadway, and they're all Wonderful. They're all wonderful. We've been to all of them. So they're the Corona Viruses on Broadway may have been so low the number of infections in these restaurants and bars so low That the Metro Health Department decided to keep it secret. I want to play for you. The sound from the report done on the Fox television station in breaking tonight. Corona virus cases at Nashville Bars and restaurants may have been so low so low, the mayor's Office of Mental Health Department decided to keep it a secret. E mails between the mayor, senior advisor and the Health Department reveal only a partial picture. But what is in them is disturbing. Fox 17 News. Dennis Farrior has the story. Get him, Dennis. The discussion involves the low number of covert 19 cases coming out of bars and restaurants and most disturbingly to keep it from the public. On June, 30th contact Tracing was giving a small view of Corona virus clusters, construction and nursing homes, causing problems more than 1000 cases traced to each category. At bars and restaurants. A total of just 22 cases. These e mails go back and forth, right and it says one of the health department people asks. Those 22 cases in the bars and restaurants compared again compared to the thousands that have been connected to construction and nursing homes, 22 cases in bars and restaurants, the health department asks. This isn't going to be publicly released right? Just info for the mayor's office and the senior advisor writes back correct not for public consumption Now. A month later, the health Department was asked point blank about the rumor that there are so few cases traced to bars and restaurants. And the reporter for the Tennessee Lookout asks the figure you gave of more than 80 80 cases does lead to a natural question if there have been more than 20,000 positive cases. And only 80 are traced to restaurants and bars. Doesn't that mean that restaurants and bars aren't a very big problem? And rather than simply respond to that one of the health Department officials spreads the question out to five other health department officials and says Oh, my God. What do I say? Now. The response, the one that's the most controversial. Unfortunately, we don't know who it came from, because the respondent name is taken off of the email. But it says my two cents we We have certainly refused to give counts per bar. Because those numbers are low per site. We could still release the total and then a response to the over 80 could be because The number is increasing all the time and we don't want to say a specific number. Listen. This is this is the problem with this If you already know. That people do not believe what you're telling them about the virus about how a transmissible it is about how contagious it is about how dangerous it is, and most specifically about those places that you keep telling us are the most dangerous. And then this happens. Why in the world would people listen to you Avinash Mill mayor today today that bars and restaurants may open at 50% capacity thanks to steady gains against the outbreak in us, not last night's breaking news story. Now the new restrictions will take effect tomorrow. They allow for up to 50 patrons per floor at nationals, multi level bars. God, I want to go. Nice. Really nice. So much fun. I'd order fried pickles. I love fried pickles. A vodka soda. So that's what you miss from going to bars. The most like the fried pickles. Now I miss is the bad decisions, okay? You can't make those start wind. You okay? There's just fewer fried pickles at home. I was so it's It's a lot easier when someone else is making pickles. Did I tell you that my husband whipped out the friar the other day? And made fried potato chips and then fried chicken and the whole house Because of the wild fire. We could open the windows. So the whole house smelled like fried food for like, you know, 48 hours. That was full for those two days without eating much because I smelled the fryer so strongly. Oh, I got a story. A new survey, actually, of Ah, Of people in California and the cove in 19 restrictions will talk about how we feel about it when God love feelings when we come back to Gary Injun Layla.

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