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Mar. And. Better efforts have come at del mar or Senator races aren't great. But when you look more closely, she got racist down the hill. She had one race where she made a big middle move into Veseleko. And she was on her Ron and she's got that race to starts back in the swing time. When she got beat just three quarters of a length, the fawn Mira, and the blinkers are gonna come off or for the now people are going to change the blinkers going on. But also favored Angola mine as well. And Richard Baltimore. The last two years of the blinkers off twenty six percent, thirty eight runners a positive ROI more importantly for me. My main man's climbing aboard Djilas areas ride this Philly for the first time, and you know, she's not without some tactical speed bear on just hasn't been using it. She's been dropping back in these racist reform off the lead. You got a real speed horse here in fawn Moore right to her outside. I think fawn Mora goes, I think even the to escape clause can go. I think Joel is going to put this Philly in the right spot. I think she gets the trip. I think she gets the money. I really liked Quebec in recently before the great three Robert J Frankel, Bobby if he was a friend like he was did you tonight? All right race. Number eight is the great one American oaks. Wow. Lot a quarter four the three year old Phillies. Could take out the number one Kodiak west she's already come out. I think a lot of people were expecting to have little for. I'm dean was out already too. But that's not the case. She won the rate lady of shamrock on opening day. And Jeff Mullins said there was a chance she'd run back in just around seventy two hours and she's four one on the morning line. She has been very good and hurt you starts here from Owens on the in the US. We'll see what the how it how it goes. When you come back and three days they'll be a field of eight if I'm these days in. Yeah. Well, she came back in a week and got beat three quarters of a length. So she sees to running back quickly. I would kind of be surprised if they ran her back, but but not totally. And I think she she'll be a contender. If she does run. I went to the outside again. Unfortunately, my post position selections are not great, but California gold rush dot are capable Ongko out of Shammar doll mayor. She's won three out of four you need to have any kind of crystal ball. The find this one Scott excellent turf figures flaky on Pratt. And I think I think she might be the best the best filly in here. We'll see. Yeah. I thought this was a tough race. I'm very curious if I'm in the states, and I think she can win. I think Princess warrior can win. Fridges warriors problem might be a little lack of pace in here and her best efforts have come with some given the ground. I'm curious. Yes. She handles that that harder force out Santa Nita. Paves can win. It got a little ambitious with running around the Cup last time. But she ran so well in the day. Oh drive against the older fillies and mass. She gave her gave her a shot can't knock them for trying. She just seems really handle it around day either. I think California gold rush can win. I competition of ideas on top, you know, Chad around really ship too many horses out west when they do they run plain and simple, and she's affiliate that has been she's turned around liquors went on. She broke a mate in a big way. At Belmont came back six weeks later, and gut it out a win on a day where she probably shouldn't have one. That's I like horses that win when they shouldn't win. And she did just I don't use four to five in south ridiculous say well, she won when she shouldn't have won. But the way things panned out in the way that surfaced plan. She shouldn't have won that day. And she did came back. I don't know why. I mean, I do know. I she's my spy town. And there was some moisture in the track out of died on Dorrell mass. He left her in the author wants a memories last time out, but. She's back tear..

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