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The happy happy hour after activist Jonathan Del Arco is here. I'm so were to start him so excited. Okay first of all we just all accidentally did a rainbow themes yeah because I watched your. Hr See speech he won the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award your speech President Obama tweeted about about your speech and how great it was so awesome cried and I didn't even know you yet thank you. That was really scared to do that. Speech where are you. You seemed so I I was scared because sharing personal things is is hard you know but okay so we just say first of all there is like six degrees of Stephanie Miller beloved so you you know my God. We know we know we're. We're practically married in some countries in Uruguay of why we've definitely would be. I knew I was going to mispronounce that. Say it again right yeah okay. Did you know that won't say it. Is You know that you can legally get gay married high and euthanize them one day which man do as a good day yeah. It's GonNa end it. All you might as well get gay married high cocktail. That's in my future futures but so are you first of all you're good friends with our good friends. Chad Griffin and Rob Reiner. We'll get all of this but one degree of separation Mary McDonald from marry are- The closer it has done the happy Tim`rous Star Trek nerd like you has done a happy hour as he even sends comedy bits not to make.

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