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You're still thinking because now that i'm kerry blessed to have you here to be able to ask all these questions too. Because do i ask you kazillion questions everyday seriously even in the middle of the night off think of something that i have to say if you wake me up by the way i got to tell people that most most of my answers are are one persistence number two. You've got inspiration scott inspiration. I would never have solution to all these problems and elsie puts me through the things i go through a little bit of hell so i can use my own personal experience and experience. I did with my people to actually use it to help other people joel god's got the ultimate all of it physician and i'm just as i'm intern as they say he's a fisherman on the beat bucknell guy. I carry the beat you like that. There was fishermen for well so i'm going to be. I'm not efficient but i'm just debate bucket guy. Okay bill that that's it usually say you like that okay. Let's get to c._j. In an email here bill <hes>. How much time do i have. I'm inactive cathodic. Young man thirty five years old reasonable fitness could stam- stamina and a strong passion for life six foot two hundred pounds. <hes> sponsored a scape border so now he's got a list of injuries here. Okay we'll start with a fractured shoot. Skull both on the left hemisphere fear trenton back. That's serious right well before the fracture. Your skull fractured comments at why you gotta get your commonsense is fractured. I put yourself in danger to get all the other broken bulbs this a few here. <hes> fractured ankles multiple times. I guess she words skateboarding fractured patella shin-splints. You know our guy. You know our helicopter over look over raleigh down the valley. 'cause we're up thousands. That's his name is same as bryan bryan kalinka any we have a helicopter jumps up in the helicopter and he's got one of these giant skateboard. Things actually brings a national news and you can hear them kirk jaren down there over our l. He came back. He was because he wasn't for a while. He was gone and they just last week. I had you know he's forty. One years old now she jumps out of a helicopter skateboarded skateboarded goes down and skateboard ramp what we can see it all were up above where he lives. In our house we can see the ocean looking out to the west and then to the east we can see big bear mountain so blessed to be up so high so we can see the ramp and everything and watch the helicopter ready every time before he gets on. Ah you know just the jumping in the helicopter with the skateboard the helicopter that he goes they jumped they. They go up really really high. The first time i saw this remember about two thousand eight i moved here and they dive down the straight to the ground and i thought oh my god. There's an accident or my gosh and saito cousy. There's an accident and then they just raided the very last second turns around and goes up so obviously he likes excitement. <hes> what do they call it what it is it when you like things. Thrill-seeker thrillseekers is added together ticket to to meet jesus well. He's doing doing great and he's still boy forty one years old. He's just like he's twenty except for all these things going on in the inside of here so let's just say with all this i bohm generator the generator culture max myself easy mike o._d. To a full vitamin k two and also redder velvet uncle mason jason for regenerating the ball and also use the full body exercise to.

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