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And analysis by the associated press finds more than two dozen publicly reported mishap since two thousand fourteen involving firearms brought onto school grounds by educators a law enforcement officers the the findings come amid a nationwide push to arm teachers or adan more police officers and armed guards the guns went off by mistake they were fired by curious or unruly students and were left unattended and bathrooms or other locations the associated press review suggests that more arms and schools will almost certainly have unintended circumstances in eastern washington state the dayton school district has distributed sixty tball bats teachers and staff members for protection superintendent doug johnson says it may not be high tech but the bats offer peace of mind older school in a smaller community were more challenged than some of the other places that are bill brand new buildings that have different kinds of inter calms and locking door systems and cameras that are all built in the teachers underwent training on how to swing the bats to do the most damage please in the highest esteem among its peers i get the news at about through edward r murrow award the defendant not guilty of newscaster emotional breaking news visits preston a second or chester lana jones acupuncture award wall simply one place newswatch never stops wbz newsradio ten thirty wbz news time ten fifty three the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on.

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