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Have given this to my family taxes especially like my niece who's like a teenager you know they're picking the very specific about mac and she's nowhere no one knew or cared that it was yesterday which is light williams will rallies mac and cheese but i'll tell you it's better than the fucking box no where can i find that recipe thin author arthur book the tk one fastest lathering so this is the cover yeah it's the cover s p o lord me i'm sorry are not suck at oculus oculus we were doing the third month or what you really want makati's on the cover it was like fuck yes i want that on the cover ya hit i write only i i got my my last meal would definitely just be like spaghetti and a big caesar salad am i o spaghetti like fancy or just like the worse like george like sauce off the shelf i don't give a fact like spaghetti my comfort food i i really identify with that sephiha laurent quote like everything you see i owed to spaghetti lie la la how carbheavy obviously endorse that view oh my god i'm interested in in how you do a vegan cesar could i hear a couple of those oh yeah yeah so i am again i hate me like soaking nuts over like long periods of time in all that shit so mine is just blanched almonds you put in some hot water for like 10 minutes then he threw enough food processor a blender with a little lemon juice and different vinegar is and then i'm sam at capers so that the keeper's though that like anchovy and others but yeah and and ryan either exact glazed this is what an for connubial i am that when our win vegan and also yells orders zones you'll the girls levin owes it was not vegan and us she's like interviews although he was an show me.

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