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The process now that kinda got you on the road to more tangible results i believe those uh definitely a cumulative effort uh we were talking earlier that i went and sought help when i was on the military and i recognize a difference of me so um that started a chain reaction i think can just a a fight to get better and that's really what it was it was a fight uh it wasn't just i found the special pill and was able to take this and then everything got better it was here's a doing you know carbon behavioral therapy and speech therapy and occupational therapy and brush reality prolonged exposure therapy and shots my neck called selig england blocks reset my sympathetic nervous system and uh the mindfulness therapy fans at it'll meditation not to mention of the whole time on a mixture of medications from the to the mental health department or later when i got out the va so there's no shortage of effort now was going forth and i went to school and got a degree in psychology uh wanted to just figure it out on myself i was getting better from the therapies those n and it wasn't that i wasn't getting better it was dale had a little piece that they offered cognitively soy i learned some more things i had great insight has had the right perspective but the biggest problem for me was not being able to feel what i knew in my head was the right answer so uh for example i would know that no one's going to run into the studio right now with a gun and and shoot me but i would be in my head talking myself down with the right answer that i knew him ahead 'cause i feel something wrong inside um so i was very frustrating to have this back and forth battle um and then also took me out of the the game a lot when it came to interacting with my friends or family i felt very unconnected to people because i was in my head a lot as trying to talk my sought to feel calm so um he had mentioned la times wrote article and um as a.

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