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Obviously, they don't have sit down exam dreams n even in our culture people who decide to be wanna be actors or musicians from an early age, though, have a variation. That's the dish in dream. They're not sitting down to take an exam, but they're showing up with their musical instrument. And they realized they studied the wrong piece of music or they can't find the addition hall. So so there's some variation even in those the standard ones. But, but there's something to the idea that there's some universal very frequent dreams, meaning something similar for most people who have them. In those feelings behind those streams could be like you said, maybe some some sorts of shame or some sorts of anxiety about what's what's going to happen to be tested in some way that sort of thing. So they're common feelings that underlie them well and yet different different shades for for different ones. But just in line with sort of what they otherwise our common metaphor, you know, if you quote feel exposed or feel naked that usually more of a shame social, disapproval if you're being tested, you know, that's more than a thority figure is evaluating. You sort of argue measuring up, you know, to society in general or authority, so in so the most of the recurring themes dreams are exiled dreams. But whether whether it's about sort of being competent versus being socially appropriate. Those those tend to be represented by difference. Sutphin things. And I've heard that that some people say that dreams don't mean anything at all that they're just random impulses from your brain when you're sleeping or perhaps just consolidating memories that sort of thing, and there's no deeper emotional meaning behind them. But, you know, many people do believe dreams are important that they help problem solve perhaps find inspiration, which I'll ask enough in a few minutes. But what is the psychological research? Save out the importance of dreams, and do we know what would happen if we didn't dream? Well. Let me answer the first the first part, I it's a little simpler there there is some research. There's a limit to how much you can deprive people of rim sleep. And it does have to be depriving Remm sleep. Not quite all dreams happen in rim sleep in one of the things that you see if you deprive people of ram sleep is that you begin to get more reports that sound like full-fledged dream narratives out of other stages of sleep a few of those happen anyway. But it's like there's some pressure to dream that..

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