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Jessica Jones, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Miley discussed on World's Finest Geeks Podcast


I it was a tour to get through. I I'm quoted you could quote me on that. Jessica Jones season two was a chore right? Archer nothing nothing bad, about whatever. Her name is Kristen Ridder. She's a great, Jessica Jones, probably almost an exact replica the comic books, right? She's perfect as Jessica Jones. It's just a bad season. Right. And you've got your mother. Bush Bush Bush, whatever season three though we still dealing with family affairs, but who's pretty good. I'm not gonna lie like what they did with Trish, her ho storyline as hell cat. I didn't think the way that it ended was the right. I think it was lazy. They just had those at allude to her becoming hell. No. She becomes, okay? Oh, she does, but she's bad? She's not a good guy, she's. Oh, yeah. So they kind of an and rather than giving her the space to come back and redeem herself, they just have Luke cage pop up in one scene. And he's like, you know what you gotta do you gotta arrester doctor has her in jail. The whole Jerry Hogarth storyline. Trash blow it away. I even need, none of that. And it was super relevant. Other than that, if I was to have to rank all Netflix shows in order, it would definitely be all of their devils. I. And then Jessica Jones season, one season three Luke, she's in one Jessica Jones season. To the defenders, Luke agencies into and then less, and, of course, lease is going to be Danny ran, in iron vis course. Yeah. Crew that I haven't even seen them all. So all in all pretty good way to wrap up, Jessica Jones. All right. Well, I will go through. What do you watch? I actually just caught up with for the most part is the CW DC shows I caught up with super on the flash. So I'll just like briefly go into supergirl. I supergirl was actually pretty good this season. I thought it was a step up from last season. I didn't really like the development of rain, even though I'd like the actress who played the good guy version of her. So we moved on the season. And the big bad is a guy named agent agent. Liberty whose real name is Ben Lockwood? And he's actually played by Sam Whitworth who played doomsday in the OR all Bill season. Eight believe it or not. That's pretty cool. That was pretty crazy. But at any of. Yeah. The, the story line takes place a little bit, too close to real life like were aliens are viewed as immigrants, which I guess, they are superman super girl are technically alien immigrants. But right, little, too close of, you know, like with them jailing aliens and being against the aliens and just too close to what we're seeing in the news that I don't wanna get into at all. And even though it does like mimic, a lot of what's happening here at our in our country here today at it kinda the same story line. That's been the main storyline since threaten one of supergirl is pretty much she's an alien. She don't belong here and they all need to get off the planet, right? It just goes like full force into it this season. But I think I think we're looted to that being over with at the end of the season. So I think that that's that's good. All right. And then when we're keeping things you know, as they are in real life, we have a character named dreamer in there, and she's like another superhero character whose transgender transgender actress and a transgender in real life. So that was. Kind of that was kind of cool to have in there. And then, like I said the big bad his agent liberty trying to round up the aliens. But we also get three episodes with lex Luthor in the season, and he's played by Jon Cryer from two and a half men was crazy, right though is going to be we were going to be the worst thing ever. But as old as his mom is on the show. Come on. Right. This I. Yeah. We were talking about that. How he's like the same age as mom, but he ended up being pretty good. He ended up being pretty menacing, his Lexi took the job. Seriously? It's great. And I really enjoyed his role, and it's kind of cool, the season finale is called the quest for peace, which is the subtitle of the superman movie. He was in the eighties where he played Lenny superman for the quest for peace was name of the movie. So I think he wanted to sort of make up for that role in quest for peace. Awesome. And just real quick. I'm gonna go ahead and mention a black mirror. Was trash, right. Trash, we had one, good episode. The first episode with the gay video game stuff. Right. That was I thought you know what I saw that one. I think I told you that maybe I didn't it was actually pretty good episode is very Sifi. E is something that kind of creepy a little bit. And that's what you expect from black mirror, right? Super free to rich futuristic, and little bit creepy. Right. Second episode was kind of wack, honestly, it's not even worth. Mentioning, and then episode three with Miley Cyrus who plays Ashley Miley, Cyrus, did great and I don't like Miley Cyrus. So for me to have to say here and tell you guys how great Miley Cyrus was kind of pisses me off. But the episode in this was not that good. Actually, the story line kinda aligned with Chucky almost identical except instead of crazy killer doll. It was actually saving herself from crazy psycho stepmother. It was a dull AI, your best friend's gonna make your life easier. Blah, blah, blah, blah control everything. Right. Keep all your history, memories and all of that. But it has restrictions in his brain, and we come to find out it's actually a carbon copy of Ashley's brain and printed on every doll. They just lock it up so that she's only a Bill do whatever she she does. It's two girls figure it out on lock her, and they go ahead and save the real Ashley who is my virus dope. Episode overall who comes out with three episodes for a whole season had given us Bander, snatch fucking trash right draft movie. Pretty much a saw I mean, I, I wouldn't review it for our website, so trash movie trash movie. So you thought they come back with some fire, but no, no fire, just a more trash one, good episode one decent episode and that was it. I really got my no say about black near. They better come hard next time more. In three episodes, kind of like minded with this. Like I didn't really like the season of the flash very much. This was season five and the entire season. Like sorta revolves around his daughter coming from the future nura, the version of Harrison wells in this as named Shirley wells or however, it was pronounced is supposed to be like Sherlock, a play on it, that character that version of the character I didn't like very much the Bill into Kaieda is just a guy with this power knife. And how does that work against the fastest man alive? Hello, come. You can't come to a flashlight with a night, bro. And then either. Yeah. And even the yeah. Literally, and then, even though he was pretty much vanquished vaporize in the season, the first season of reverse flash. They are a of the flash reverse flash returns with the yellow costume. Another version of Harrison wells. It's just say it was an interesting addition to the story, but it didn't make any sense in the end, but he ended up helping out Nora, Allan the daughter. And there was a dope episode with king shark versus guerrilla, grod, which was pretty much. Yeah. I mean that one's worth just going to watch alone. But overall just like a, a pretty easy. Yeah. Not very okay season. But they do cap it off with a, a wha what, what will be crisis uninvited near earth who's going to be the crossover this year. So they do cap it off with that. And I just wanted to mention with that is there's also one in supergirl, too. So I let you guys get those no spoilers on those. Unfortunately, that is all the time. We have one last quick, mentioned, good omens on Amazon prime is by and all you morons who say is blasphemous and sign a petition for Netflix to cancel it. You're eighty it's and I love the fact that Amazon and FOX are both having fun at your expense. It totally clown. In them on it. But they've attendant Michael sheen. Great great, great show, if you like entertaining, weird shows definitely go. Check it out. That. That's all right. Well, we appreciate you guys watching, we appreciate you know, the marbles you've sent in a little bit the little bit that we've gotten so that we can do this weekly podcast. And we will be coming at you again next week for sure. Don't forget to visit us on world's finest geeks. Make sure you're right us, if you heard anything here that she didn't like go ahead and let us know if you agree with something or you wanna talk to us more about anything. Go ahead and let us know we're always looking for writers on world's find his geese. Learn how to write for the website you can just go to write for W W, F G is right there on the on the main menu. Anybody else out there listening holler at us man, we're always welcoming people to come on and join us. All right. That's all I got for today for me member. Mckee crater rob on Twitter year at Vince, the geek at Twitter and you could always catch us on world's finest geeks on Facebook and Instagram. Find his geeks on Twitter. And as a wrap. All right, guys. Thank you..

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