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Newspaper while she's in England like an account of what's going on, so she becomes the first African American woman to be pay paid correspondent for an mainstream white newspaper well. So she tours England Scotland and Wales for two months. Addresses audience of thousands you know there's these rallies among the British and She gained extensive recognition. And an international audience of white supporters of her 'cause so back home in Chicago she mary's a prominent Any civil rights, activists and journalists name Ferdinand Burnett in eighteen, ninety five, and from then on, she's known as IDA, B Wells Barnett, but I fucking love this, and and in one of the podcast they listened to. They pointed out how so many black women back then hyphenated their names. which is so far like it's so common these days, but back then it's like no. She was already this. You know. She was not going to just change her last name. She died so much good and so much work and she was a known. Journalist the hyphenated an added his last name and fucking Kudos on him, because it sounds like he was like championing champion his wife. As a bad ass, who could go out and do her own shit and didn't have to just have kids and stay home. He must have been into it I mean not like. It's a great reminder that that type of man also exists. Like yeah I want you to be this bad ass, right? That's part of wife. I'm in love with you. And it seems like she waited to get married 'til she found that person which is so incredible He had founded the Chicago conservator. It's the first black newspaper in Chicago in eighteen, seventy eight, and so she began writing for the paper, and later acquired partial ownership of it and Assume the role of editor there, and they had Barnett children from a previous marriage, and then together, they had four more children Charles Herman, IDA and Alfreda so after brutal assault on the black community in Springfield Illinois in one, thousand, nine, hundred eight, which is whole, `nother, fucking conversation Is like..

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