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Lauren. So she's not undertake. Listen she should be. oh lauren. lemaire me and thirty years old probably today or just today okay. Why don't you take the next one while i'm writing this down. Yes shelley pity three three three three three the official donation. I got hit in mouth by my brother chad. We need some house. Selling karma also. I sent one hundred dollars in honor of chad from fargo north dakota july first and it didn't get cold out make. Good okay chad. Hundred bucks rebound behalf. A you fargo shelly. Petty there's your make good gotta love henry jones. Three thirty three thirty three. That's the special exa- executive producer donation about everyone needs to be exact. Once in their life eastern bluefield west. Virginia writes. I made my donation by pay my daughter. Mary asked me to mention all the thirty. Three's i've been seeing yesterday. Training for one hundred mile bike ride to celebrate my birthday. I finished the ride with exactly thirty three miles when i opened outlook had thirty three reminders. My wife. Kim asked me what i wanted for my sixtieth birthday october. Second i could think of nothing better than to become a no agenda executive producer. We've reached the apex with this one. John i started listening to the show. In december of two thousand sixteen after my son daniel then twenty. Hit me in the mouth on thanksgiving break. I was curious about podcasts. But it never listened to one daniel said you know you might enjoy no agenda a podcast with john cd four. I can adam curry discussing the media and current events. I said wow. Your mom and i watched. Mtv from the first video until they stop playing videos adam was our favorite vj for years. I read pc magazine from cover to cover until they stopped arriving in the mail by always save john's articles for last. Because you should always save the best for last. I'd love to check out what john and adam are doing now. He said the rest history. When i started listening i had no idea adam was the podfather and you were both constructive and making podcasting what it is today love. The show never missed one. Thanks to you both in the entire family of any producers for all you do you make it look easy but i know it's not no jingles but anarchy goat karma for us all please yes. I'm glad you requested that because that is a good one david and crystal culpa three three three three three. Thank you both again for the best podcast in university the two of you have provided us with so much information entertainment and most importantly community since we found your podcast. Four years ago we attended the deerfield beach meet up and got to meet some new people and have fantastic conversations all afternoon. We'll be setting up a meet up for saturday october. Seventeenth in orlando florida. So anyone attending tom. Woods two thousandth episode event. Make sure to come by and say. Hello douchebag call outs. Casey and elvis thank you both for all you do. Not casing elvis us. We appreciate you twice a week every week. Nice to proteus's necks in newark delaware. Three three three three three job karma for all our projects oops. That's that's the general here. We go sorry jobs jobs jobs and job. That's the job well. Why don't you start reading from thomas. Now be looking for chris's email. Yeah kris bergstrom. I looked for his. I have other ones. But i don't have that one thomas balmer. This is also a three thirty three thirty three donation from iowa city iowa. Please start me off with a huge huge Spend deduce discovered the podcast. The best podcast in the universe. After adams tom woods appearance long ago. So i'm overdue. Can we do anything about a jingle for woods donations. Oh you mean like those tabloids donation you ask and we serve. We've had that one for a while. Humbly requests art. You d to karma thank you very much. Thank you thomas. You've got karma no yet sir erica's naked from south ogden. I'll finish career. Okay keep going from south ogden. Utah known from ogden aviation in the morning orbiting into my fiftieth rotation on a show day -gratulations. I offer my birthday donation of three thirty three thirty three to the best podcast in the universe. Please add meat finally to the birthday list. You're on it. I'm working on deconstructing on deconstructing a yet. Another financial institution led initiative trying to tackle the global identity slash eliminating cash currency initiative. This one is called gain g. I n and is taking me longer than i thought props to all the efforts you to do. This is hard. We just make it look easy map. No jingles no karma for all who need to thank you for your courage sir erica's naked. I'm very excited to hear what you learn about. Gain g i n. he's the karma everybody needs one. You've got karma gee i add. We don't know it's It's a new initiative that it's an acronym hide casting things acronym for to help people eliminate cash several of these initial okay kris bergstrom from the recent we don't have this would have been normally in the spreadsheet but instead a donation in the subject line. Oh boy what a violation of violation. So when i do my down before. I go to bed at night before i go to all. These people can't seem to figure out how to get to pay pelting to work which is fine and i looked for the word donation i don't look for knighthood accounting. So chris vox here. This is kris bergstrom maybes. Chris fox. Chris vox here would by thirty third or my third thirty three three three three three three three donation three episodes assume you can spot me the penny. Of course we can. It is too big up. Pinup tisch should make me eligible for knighthood accounting attached. Okay he is to be knighted. You might want to get a pan out. please night me sir chris. Vox and i'd like to ask for chips and dip at the round table. I've kept all my notes short. But before i switched to a monthly donation. I'd like to give you some background. I'm a musician and a group called hair ball and one second. It was say it again what he wanted. Sir chris vox at the round table. Oh chips and dip chips and dip dunster taylor to be honest about it. Always is but he may want to. Some.

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