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Okay. Where in the world is Carmen sandiego video game from when children. This is live is happens. But yeah, it was a video game that I think I played either in second or third grade. I wasn't that good video game. Okay. It was it was like a computer game. But I did trailer. I usually how you scroll down on the trailer. Stop for some reason on this. I didn't scroll down, and I kept watching it seemed like really cool, and then I got a minute into the TV show that I had to go do something. But I really the trailer is really good at told a good story, and it really hooked me into this series. Now, I wanna go watch it, and I just don't want to binge. I wanna like spread it out over the weeks. So I have something like every week to watch. Is there a name to the style of animation? I don't know. I would call it too stylized animation. But I don't think it has a specific name because I've seen this type of animation before and then I've seen like the Flintstones animation. And I've seen anime as a couple of different like Hanna Barbera type stuff. And so on, but this has a very stylized animation. But I don't know if there's a name to it or not I don't know what it's called. But I really like it looks really nice. I think Carmen sandiego is like Omar little with Omar little who's a my little, you know, Omar, stole from the other drug dealers and Carmen steals from other thieves, she steals before thieves can get it. Right. And Omar goes it gets it from the other drug dealers. You know, the wire the wire, I do not remember the wire spread word. Won't back. I'm looking at the Carmen sandiego poster right now, and as what's that line call towards like? Yes. It says she's back. So if I can assume, and maybe I will is this directed, and I don't mean directed like as in a director. But I mean like as in geared towards adults more than kids. I don't think. So. So you think it's more for kids than adults? I think it's for families. Oh, okay. Okay. I think it's for everyone. Like, if you're an adult you who watch it if you're a kid, you can watch it because it's got names that like people know like cast like what's the cutoff age? I mean, I don't know if I show my kids who are four and five hundred give it a view in San let you let you know. But there there's it's definitely a cove Ewing experiences what what arteries talking about. Yeah. I know what you mean where you could watch it with your kids and your kids can watch it. When the parents, there's something there for the parents, as well, it has one of the leads from stranger things, which I don't think you know, under ten year olds watching. So that's. For adults and hope Audrey takes no offense. But I might trust brace more. Because Bray seems to be more sensitive character when it comes to things that are aren't that are less appropriate for him..

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