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3 31, Our top story, the world's largest meat producer, has been hit with a Ransomware attack JBs Foods and Greeley believes the hackers are in Russia. The deputy White House press secretary says the administration is communicating with Russia. The White House's engaging directly with Russian government on this matter and delivering the message that risk responsible states do not harbor ransom, where criminals. JBs says the attack had some of its servers in North America and Australia. It's not aware that any data was compromised. The Boulder strong memorial fence that was organically created after the shooting will be taken down starting today. It has been in place since March 20 seconds. The temporary tribute at 3600 Table Mesa Drive is home to thousands of items placed there by community members in response to the tragedy. King Super says it will reset the location of the fence and tribute items will be removed for preservation by the city of Boulder and the Museum of Boulder. Of partner to archive the tragedy for future generations. The possibility of becoming an instant millionaire motivated Andrew to get his Corona virus vaccine. It made me want to do it quicker than probably what I would have done it. Colorado giving away $51 million jackpots to anyone who's had at least one vaccine shot. The first winner will be announced on Friday. Our next update at four. I'm Cathy Walker on Keohane News, radio. 8:50 a.m. and 94 When FM now a check on traffic here, save Hunter. And we have a brand new accident. That's eastbound. I 70 past Tower Road, starting to see some pretty big traffic build up behind that eastbound. I 70 past tower, the rest of the drivers far as a major highways in Denver, looking pretty good. Ah, lot of volume. Both sides of I 25 though basically between D'you and I 70 at this hour Boulder Turnpike checks clear No problems for C 4 74 70 told way big from the bed. Fred Sports Traffic Center. There is a big construction project to be aware of this just south of DEA 56th Avenue shut down both ways between Monahan and Hudson roads. And that's going to be working through this Thursday afternoon. Also off highway it crashed North bound Wadsworth at Stanford, another one on the north end of the metro area at 92nd and Federal. This report sponsored by church's chicken, pull into churches today and experience a true original bourbon black pepper smokehouse chicken.

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