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They love Native Americans. It's a thing. And so he said, okay, it's good. It's going to be good for the conference, but as soon as you're done, bring it back. And so I did. I brought it back and they rebuilt it completely and shipped it back to me. But yeah, the field recordings were wonderful. We're now actually embarking into a new phase now. I mean, always the problem with these recorded works is finding things. And indexing and cataloging, it's a very linear situation. And so a few years ago, we used something called voice based, which is a way of being able to search a transcribes things, but then it sort of clunkily took you to where it was in the talk. And now my tech guy drew has found a new one. That's just absolutely phenomenal. He transcribed a 140 hours in two days with this system. He comes back to us 98% correct. You go through it and it shows you where there are problems. It highlights that where it thinks their problem is all AI. And but the beautiful thing is you can now search, it'll go through the entire collection, find incidences and show you the text of where you find your search result. You can click there and you're listening to high quality audio instantly. I mean, this is a huge revolution for the curious minds. I mean, because say you remember something that my father said and he really want to hear it again. You want to hear that original thing in moments. You could be listening to it. So our big push is to do this with my father's talk as a prototype, but if it's well received, then I'd really like to dive into that esslin collection. And work with the Campbell foundation work with other groups that have recordings and start to do this as a humanities project. And we're working with a professor at Stanford who is in literature and she's got some ideas about that and her husband's a software guy kind of pushed us in this direction..

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