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You. We're with me holes. Weirdos. This is Dr drew so honored to have Dr drew on the podcast. I met him last time. I did the Adam Corolla podcast, and he was amazing. And we got we hit it off and asked them to come by. So he swung by the old guest. House. Sauna comments continue people still talking about the sauna because that's that's a conversation pace. I am in New York right now. I am sick. I don't know if you can hear my voice, I wish I could get in that sun because that would just bake the hell out of this sickness. Thank New York, everyone in New York seems to have it. So it's making me feel back at home on the east coast. Hopefully, it'll also we talk a little bit in this episode as doctor is a doctor about my stress. I don't know if you've been tracking that as a theme in the past couple of I have been very stressed. We talk about that without any spoilers. I just wanna say turns out all I needed was rest. I'm. Convinced now that it was ninety nine percent. The the life shift of having a baby I'm feeling better. Book is is pretty much done almost entirely done. And all is well, I won't say anything else because we talk about it in this podcast. And it's and it's it's fun. It's interesting. I do wanna give a shout out to upcoming events on the twentieth. January twentieth. That this Sunday really need some views here guys crashing is my favorite thing to do. Obviously. It's a it's my TV show on HBO, and we love making it, and we need people to watch the show as I always say we need people to watch it as it's coming out because it's not it's not like a streaming service. It's like regular TV it airs, obviously it helps if you watch on HBO HBO. No now as well. But please watch it when it airs if you can it's on this Sunday at ten pm after true detective we love the season. I am firm in.

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