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Greyhound is abandoning the north that's how sheila north describes the bus companies decision to digits western canadian roots she's the grand chief of the manitoba key way to know we oak mackinac and she's responding to the greyhounds now it's mit yesterday that it shutting down service along all but one of its western roots by the beginning of november we reached grand chief sheila north in the name obesity greenwich north when you say that greyhound is abandoning the north just just who are you worried about in this situation people that don't have other modes of transportation or other resources to get to the services that they made for their health conditions whatever that may be and so these are not matter of just choice this is critical for them to to have access to some sort of transportation especially for people that live in the north i two manitoba and i know that a lot of people i remember the gray hound bus terminal down there when it was downtown winnipeg taking it in to as you say to get into the city so what are you hearing from people about this decision i think people are anxious to see how that going to actually translate into their medical appointments and i think some people are even are not even believing that is actually happening or that it's true that miss services will be cut so it shocking in a lot of ways but it's time i think is also very concerning to people that have to find ways to get down to the south to get services that they need or even just to you know other urban areas that they have to get to like in dauphin or thompson and most and would you say that a lot of people take the bus not only because it's practical because at the ford able absolutely and sometimes it's the only way to go people in the north knows there are a lot of people that are trying to actually to afford a car there are many others that don't have that luxury and so they have no other choice but to get on the buses and it's also about safety we know that people are vulnerable and they have to go on on the highways and try and catch and ride and gonna make people even more vulnerable than they when they the services are cutting they really don't have any other choice but to get on the highway to try and ask for ride you mean hitchhiking greyhound has said that you know it's it realize it's going to have an impact on on people but that that it just just not financially viable at this stage what what do you say in response to that i guess dot and it should always be about the bottom dollar and it's easy for me to say that but i'm also thinking about the the lives of our people people need this service and it has to be about that people's lives are much more valuable than the dollar and i know that you know it might not be profitable profitable as it could've been or have been but we're talking about people's lives here and i think it might mean a matter of life and death also the the bus wasn't always the best mode of transportation especially when you're sick when you're going down for medical appointments you don't wanna be riding on a bus for eight hours or longer or even a short time when you're when you're not feeling well but people simply don't have a choice of times then as it is health canada are first nations they try to find the most economical way to transport people back and forth and so unfortunately that meant the boss so we'll have to now figure out a way forward to make sure that people are going to get to where they need.

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