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Before the inauguration this walks on anybody Yahoo said for I don't know at least one Democrat times I guess who reported at least one Democrat will vote against impeaching president trump New Jersey congressman Jeff van Bruce said he's going to vote no when the house votes and The Washington Post is reporting that band drew is considering switching parties to become a Republican days solid there's one there's one right go and counting and the US special representative for North Korea says Washington will not accept the year end deadline set by North Korea to make concessions installed nuclear talks are representative making the comments two days after North Korea said it carried out a second significant test at its long range rocket launch site tell you what call another summit from Seiko takes off the kid gloves get rich is out to reaches out there she batted sand right get the little Jack everything like James Bond inner put right in his palm what was that is bad and seconds later his dad we basically do the same thing to him that he did to his brought right in the airport yeah yeah it's a little controversial to use the president as a weapon of a sense you know our innovative at a summit meeting yeah it's innovative meanwhile Starbucks is apologizing after riverside California a share of Chad bianco tweeted the two of his deputies were ignored and refuse service at a Starbucks bianco said the deputies were laughed at him completely ignored the one on the state they tried to get served fast if anybody was going to help them and eventually they just laughed what was that all about well they didn't like go.

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