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One of the least caring cities in america wallet hub conducted the study using a variety of factors including number of volunteer hours share of income donated to charity and homeless rates madison wisconsin was named the most caring city in america while miami was close to the bottom the lease scaring city in america according to the study is laredo texas for all the latest had lauded information during the sports centre on espn radio all throughout the day and the happen to me in a bank the they were i'm just sitting in the bank and him and and just a guy from nebraska just turns around and just as to me hello unlike hello he's and he just asked me the second thing he says to me why are people here so unfriendly now hate that in front of raskin ah he not i do not know that so we're learning so much about me nuts i wanna learn more about mean of a let's go to chris syms here we've got chris emms he is ranking the top seventy quarterbacks according to espn's michael dirac oh no nfl be has been better this december than blake bortles nobody else in december has seventy one percent completion rate nine hundred three passing yards seven touchdowns no interceptions accuweather our of an nfl best eighty five point four and is three now and chris seems deserves all the credit for all your egg fire under larry argued curious what's the most interesting thing about this list to you because i wanna know if chad henny the backup quarter for a quarterback for jacksonville is going to end up somewhere on this list ahead of blake board allow five spoil it on okay mr here's let's play cut number seventy according chris emms austin davis tj yates carnevale jones brandon wedin cj beth third sean man.

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