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Your bone. The freeze of Florida man ends up in morons in the new so much in Florida. Take such a beating that I want to celebrate a Florida man who's a winner. And you would have loved to have had this when you were doing pm magazine this man took the grand prize at the fifty seventh annual conch show blowing contests and key west. Did you ever do that with two PM? You did the shelter contest. It's been going on for years. And did you did you blow in the shell? Sure. I did to open up the show everybody take a look at this show. That's a big one. You know, you might say to yourself. What's inside here? Can you eat it? What you can. But you can do something else watch this Mora. Well, this guy I'm going to tell you how he won. He said he said how did I learn to play a conch shell just by picking it up? There are no rules. You hold. It any way you. Want? You played any way you want. You get two noun of it. You have fun with it. So let's hear the song that he played to win. On the bar of this song. All I can think of honestly as the league Glen Campbell. Who was the Taurus them real? Yeah. He was a studio musician. Let's hear our champion conch blower. Here we go. The perfect song Key, West Florida. Visit a lot of that stuff. That's consumed. Yeah. Yeah. I went out with a guy who was a diver, and he he went down on the bottom floor with as little fourteen foot boat. You dive note, no tanks jive straight down to the bottom. And he'd find a conch show bring it up. Have you seen the me? It's one of my favorites. It's a bowl. It's a basket of seashells sitting on top of toilet tank in a random bathroom, and the and the caption is woman uses seashells to transform bathroom into tropical hideaway. As there ever been anybody who's been to the beach, especially if you have kids who has not come home with a bunch of shows that you know, the kids so excited they found a shell the shelter worthless. I mean, they're just they're not it's not like Santa Bill island shells. They're just some shells hap- broken shells. And you put them in a jar somewhere. And they sit for all I had for years years one years and years. One of the kids smuggled home, a horseshoe crab, not realizing that the crab was still inside the shell. Yeah. And thus Dench. Yeah. Hey, did you know what I learned over the last couple of days? I forget where I read it. It was on some science website where shell crabs are actually arachnids spiders that species that that right there at their giants welling Shelly spider. You know, you're you just reminded me of something. I did. So I'm doing. Conch shell shoot and key west. Right. And so I go out the next day with the conch shell diver in the guys easy. Young guys. Twenty one twenty two years old and he pulls up a couple of conch shells. And by the way, I got terrible hate mail on that people are saying how could you support somebody? Well, I mean conch chowder does come from something and it's called a cone. So he gave me one. I thought it was just on this show. Don't over harvest them, and you know for the conch shell community. So now, he gave me one. It was about. It was good size like a foot, you know. And the actual animal is inside that they pull out and make conch chowder out of. And I didn't think I put it in the back of the van box. And I just left it this. You're going to bring it home and decorate your bathroom, turn it into something. Yeah. And it sat the back of the van was closed off to the compartment where the where we would travel and was there. It was a long drive at forever. And it was like there for two days in probably seventy five degree heat when we open the back of that van. You have never smelled anything like that in your life. I almost I almost ruined the entire found decomposing. Horseshoe crab and kids clauses in the same. Yeah. Nasty. That's cool. That's cool..

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