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Win a gold, Glover You know, you get things going your way, but it was really proud of the way the guys responded, and then it continued our backs against the wall against ST Louis, and that there's just so many big moments um and and that, and that stretch run things that you shake your head at, you know, good performances, backs against the wall were able to win the game. It's amazing that we were able to do what we did and come away, then sweeping Detroit of all teams in the World Series. That was phenomenal. That was just a classic end of that season for the San Francisco Giants, the ST Louis Cardinals in the pouring rain Rome on the hill, you know Scooter Oh, and second base with his head and hands up looking at the sky with the rain. It was just phenomenal and just a great memory and you were right in there the whole time around Wotus and You know, Now we move into 2014. And it turns into the Madison Bumgarner series because he was fabulous and taking you right to the Kansas City Series seven games. How did you guys feel going into that series where you were, You know, positive This was going to happen. And you think Oh, boy, did we run into a good American league team? That could be crown us and tell us here. Tell me what you thought going into that series. Well, I think after the realization that we're going back to the World Series again for the third time, and you know, every other year, I mean, we were, you know, a little bit shaking our heads and how we continue to play so well. We need to play, but I think when we when we got there, you know the experience that we had on the team. You know the poses and the Crawfords and the Bumgarner's in the list goes on and on. I think we were very confident Group. You know, we had Romo there. Cassia, Um, you know, was closing earlier, etcetera, but we were confident in the com group, and I think that's because we had been there before. And you know, that's one thing boats does, Um, you know, he always kept his wits. A bottom is always very calm through the storms. Not much reaction and and you know, that's the way we were. And so we we took the field. We really felt good about ourselves. But you know, Kansas City was really, really good. And you said it if it wasn't for one guy. I don't think we win that World Series was fabulous. It was just such an emotional game and So many ways that that series went back and forth. Game six. You guys just got beat up Bad game seven. You come back and the gate opens, and here comes a man on the horse himself. Madison, Bumgarner and That was phenomenal. And you guys had just been, you know, it just was so exciting just to watch the coaching staff and the players hugging each other, and it had to be another joyous moment in your career. Yeah. You know, it really was. And you know, the thing about that club was we were challenged with our starting pitching, You know, but we had such great competitors. We have Jake Peavy, Right. Who you know, wasn't on the top of his game We had, um Hudson, Um, which is what's his first name from Atlanta. Tim Hudson, The Oakland A. We had him and he had never won and you know, so in those guys were in our rotation, and you've got to hand it to Boetsch for mapping out the bullpen the way we did. We didn't get a lot of things from our starters. So that team is a little bit different. And we had a really use all the whole pitching staff and that might have been broaches best managing job right there to to win that World Series. Of course, you know, he made the decision of using bomb and And we thought maybe he'd go two or three and they ended up finishing the game. And that was a big call by him as well. Because you know you had your clothes are ready and bomb has already gone way more than you wanted them to. So Um, a great great moment. A great end to that World Series. And, uh, you know, Bumgarner will remember for forever in San Francisco Brown Road is joining me in extra innings as we continue after the World Series. A lot of things happen. Parades was one of the biggest thing three parade. You ended up going to the White House. Uh, tell me what your best parade was. And why. Wow..

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