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And it's not you know when the pregame as someone who's worked plenty of basketball games on the radio and gone to plenty of basketball games when you get in the arena it's not like the countdown clock is set for nine o'clock at riot four well after nine o'clock air so it's not a surprise anybody except the person the casual viewer who tunes in and his like what the hell is going on here i i look at it this way it's a way to be able to get the kids part shutdown because you're heading towards bedtime at least depending on the age of your kids so does work for some but i hear what you're saying in that just disingenuous yeah i mean they say the pregame starts at nine the the problem is they know they're no wanna watch the pregame show i'm going to be the abc espn pregames off it's not even though it's it's just it starts when it starts so just say what it's going to start i don't i mean you really think rocca dokan enough people to watch the pregame because they say it starts at whatever time of that were the here's the other part that sad commentary while the saying you're wrong while the other part of a two as if being on the west coast people getting out of five o'clock and they're rushing to get to the arena and imagine what that traffic jam is like in oakland at six o'clock in their their time and you're thinking oh my god and says not o'clock on the ticket i gotta be their deaths are your speeding and all accidents i mean again i i just don't understand all those things are reasons but or explanations rather they're not reasons to me at least not legitimate reason yeah i just ate it the tv executives do things the way tv executives do trying to convince td people think outside the box is really difficult really diff now that i believe in the it happens on a local level to you'd have someone who's got brash you know what's one eight hundred three two one wpro four three eight nine seven seven six it's a very simple question for every sports fan out there because everyone knows who michael jordan is an everyone knows who lebrun james is chemla.

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