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Power trading radio i'm christopher trump had in studio today with my good friend and co host mr draft got matt roberts production studio today in our state of the art recording studio now is producing the show for us and we appreciate him so much for that does a great job was appreciate it so we've been covering a few things in the show we've been talking about buying and selling in the financial markets and how you can make a little money doing that or more importantly how you don't make money track on some of the common mistakes people make and what we were just talking about if you just joined us as somebody who may be buy stocks and that's what most people do is they just buy stocks and they you're hanging onto them but you have this mindset that if the price goes down you have lost money until you sell it right and if the price goes up you don't know winter harvest a prophet what you know with should you get out of the trade and i it's very common thing because we're emotional beings and i think that if the price goes down that we get kind of afraid of of selling it for a loss and you know what if i sold it now but it goes up tomorrow the terrible when you feel terrible about yourself now the classic fear and greed yeah and again if it does go down we hold onto because we hope that it's going to go back up if it goes up we hold onto it because we think it's going to go out more right and again this is why you need a rulesbased trading system and actually trade consistently profitably that's what the bags the bags of institutions they're not emotional about it now you're not going to see a broker that works for goldman sachs that sitting there you know pining over the fact that he should sell this because it might go up more tomorrow right they have specific target that they're looking a prophet all automated i mean they totally remove emotions from the equation with algorithms and programs but before they even place the dre they know.

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