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Burger and Jeff. First things first aired Eckhard, I feel like is a criminally. Underrated actor because everyone you think everybody from the dark Knight franchises. Underrated. Well, he is underrated in the dark Knight because because of Keith ledgers performance the joker himself. Right. So of course, that's going to overshadow everything. But like internet guys were whenever he's in a movie, I'm Mike I like this guy like he's good. And he's very good in this. Speaking of Batman, Amran Eckhart in this movie. I think Clint Eastwood just sold them your Scillies, Robin, your Arbin. You're silly scientic enough that because every time like anyone questions sully Arunachal. It's there as Jeff it's just like a hot head was like, how dare you questions? So this man's got more morals in his bone. The other pilots are like a east toadies. But like, Tom. Yeah. You know, like not everybody's looking at the world through dark Knight colored glasses. Thank goodness. The dark. Knight rises. Toothpaste to face, wait. I'm sorry. What to face not toothpaste toothpaste? No this face look like toothpaste after everything was done half his face to face because you sides of the face, and he does have nice teeth though. Even after the accident. So I can understand. And you know what? Erin, eckerd's mustache is almost like showboating. He's got such a good mustache in this movie. They kind of over shines sullies mustache Schuyler. Oh, there's an insane port in this movie where it's the two of them. And then like, I think all the flight attendants appear on David Letterman's, the late show little weird way to phrase that. But it's very obvious in it that they took the actual late show episode that sully and all and his crew appeared on and like did the Forrest Gump thing to put all the actors into that same scene. The only man that they can put into the into the past. That's why you get Tom Hanks in a movie old one. Maybe it's like, we got the files just load them up in the give us old Letterman clip, and like it looks fine for the most part, but like. Baidu full screen shots where you're seeing everybody. It's like why is the Letterman Granier than everybody else in this shot? And again, this shot serves no purpose like he mentions to his wife that urge to Jeff that he's going to be on letter that they're going to be on Letterman. And they're like that so weird. They're still kind of in shock of everything happened, which is a good moment. But then seeing them on Letterman, it's unnecessary. Does Letterman just makes a joke about like your? But your husband's never heard that. What's the context of the I think like one of the flight attendants is like, oh, we said like brace for impact. He's like, ooh. The first time you've heard that Letterman or Johnny Carson. They got the used old footage giant Carson. And then they did see Jeon on it to make it Letterman seems unnecessary. But I'm in like. Movie wild stuff. Some some people would say movie be twenty five minutes long. Oh at one point it starts focusing on like if flashes backing is focusing on a passenger, well that that's interesting. That's how Tim the name of the movie is solely not passengers that was a different movie, Tom he can't have solely without the context of solely solely. So I know put solely in all the scenes, oh, you think that he should?.

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